Monday, July 31, 2006

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:10:20.0 to 2006-07-31 00:42:16.0

29 Jul, 19:10:20 PDT> skeet: G'nite!

29 Jul, 19:10:35 PDT> nichi: Is everyone leaving?

29 Jul, 19:10:42 PDT> bitcolorine: au revoir.. I guess I was late for chatting :)

29 Jul, 19:11:27 PDT> nichi: I think I'll check back later. Nite all.

29 Jul, 19:51:50 PDT> Melkist: Evenin' girls

29 Jul, 19:52:13 PDT> Melkist: anyone around?

29 Jul, 19:58:27 PDT> jeneane: That was a cool treat to be able to chat with y'all during the conference. THank you DENISE for your on-the-scene reportchatage.

29 Jul, 20:06:48 PDT> nichi: Guess everyone's called it a nite.

31 Jul, 00:41:53 PDT> gabber625: hi

31 Jul, 00:42:16 PDT> gabber625: any one in the room

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:10:20.0 to 2006-07-29 20:06:48.0

29 Jul, 19:10:20 PDT> skeet: G'nite!

29 Jul, 19:10:35 PDT> nichi: Is everyone leaving?

29 Jul, 19:10:42 PDT> bitcolorine: au revoir.. I guess I was late for chatting :)

29 Jul, 19:11:27 PDT> nichi: I think I'll check back later. Nite all.

29 Jul, 19:51:50 PDT> Melkist: Evenin' girls

29 Jul, 19:52:13 PDT> Melkist: anyone around?

29 Jul, 19:58:27 PDT> jeneane: That was a cool treat to be able to chat with y'all during the conference. THank you DENISE for your on-the-scene reportchatage.

29 Jul, 20:06:48 PDT> nichi: Guess everyone's called it a nite.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:10:20.0 to 2006-07-29 19:11:27.0

29 Jul, 19:10:20 PDT> skeet: G'nite!

29 Jul, 19:10:35 PDT> nichi: Is everyone leaving?

29 Jul, 19:10:42 PDT> bitcolorine: au revoir.. I guess I was late for chatting :)

29 Jul, 19:11:27 PDT> nichi: I think I'll check back later. Nite all.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:09:04.0 to 2006-07-29 19:10:20.0

29 Jul, 19:09:04 PDT> skeet: Oops! Aloha1

29 Jul, 19:09:06 PDT> nelle: jules should blog too

29 Jul, 19:09:19 PDT> skeet: I'd read that!

29 Jul, 19:09:42 PDT> nelle: yes, she is very entertaining

29 Jul, 19:09:53 PDT> skeet: I need to get a few things done while the sun is still up

29 Jul, 19:09:57 PDT> nelle: never fails to make me laugh

29 Jul, 19:10:08 PDT> skeet: Later, y'll!

29 Jul, 19:10:09 PDT> nelle: yes, and done before i go to bed!

29 Jul, 19:10:16 PDT> nelle: take care...

29 Jul, 19:10:20 PDT> nelle: night everyone!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:08:00.0 to 2006-07-29 19:08:54.0

29 Jul, 19:08:00 PDT> nelle: eyb!

29 Jul, 19:08:06 PDT> skeet: Late Sassymonkey! Smooch!

29 Jul, 19:08:12 PDT> gabber433: hi, just looking around. :)

29 Jul, 19:08:12 PDT> sassymonkey: night!

29 Jul, 19:08:28 PDT> bitcolorine: so is Blogher over now?

29 Jul, 19:08:29 PDT> skeet: I just opened a world clock. About 10:15 for Jules now.

29 Jul, 19:08:33 PDT> nelle: hello bitcolorine

29 Jul, 19:08:35 PDT> skeet: a.m.

29 Jul, 19:08:41 PDT> nelle: ah, was i right?

29 Jul, 19:08:54 PDT> skeet: Alohs bitcolorine. Dont' know

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:05:27.0 to 2006-07-29 19:07:52.0

29 Jul, 19:05:27 PDT> sassymonkey: actually wait...i think it's mornign there

29 Jul, 19:05:40 PDT> skeet: We're confused!

29 Jul, 19:05:41 PDT> nelle: 10 am is my guess

29 Jul, 19:06:04 PDT> nelle: someone was on about a half hour ago who said it was noon

29 Jul, 19:06:09 PDT> nelle: where would that be?

29 Jul, 19:06:17 PDT> skeet: Hell if I know!

29 Jul, 19:06:27 PDT> sassymonkey: was it arj? she was in australia i think

29 Jul, 19:06:39 PDT> nelle: ah, ok... that makes sense

29 Jul, 19:07:38 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 433

29 Jul, 19:07:52 PDT> sassymonkey: i'm going to run back away now. Just wanted to say hi.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:04:08.0 to 2006-07-29 19:05:25.0

29 Jul, 19:04:08 PDT> skeet: Shucks! Missed Vanda!

29 Jul, 19:04:14 PDT> nelle: which is really kewl... now to get jules on here

29 Jul, 19:04:24 PDT> nelle: ok..

29 Jul, 19:04:30 PDT> sassymonkey: she wasn't on very long skeet.

29 Jul, 19:04:53 PDT> skeet: Is it night for Jules?

29 Jul, 19:05:08 PDT> sassymonkey: i have no idea

29 Jul, 19:05:15 PDT> nelle: she is like... 12 or so hours ahead?

29 Jul, 19:05:18 PDT> skeet: I think she's usually getting up about the time I fold each night.

29 Jul, 19:05:22 PDT> nelle: 18 for you skeet

29 Jul, 19:05:25 PDT> nelle: 17

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:02:53.0 to 2006-07-29 19:04:07.0

29 Jul, 19:02:53 PDT> nelle: relatively speaking

29 Jul, 19:02:58 PDT> nichi: Where's sassy?

29 Jul, 19:03:04 PDT> nelle: toronto

29 Jul, 19:03:23 PDT> nelle: as opposed to me in NH and skeet in Hawaii

29 Jul, 19:03:24 PDT> nichi: Hmmm, where's everyone else from? Someone mentioned mainland...

29 Jul, 19:03:35 PDT> nichi: Oh, we are spread out.

29 Jul, 19:03:38 PDT> skeet: That would be me, LOL

29 Jul, 19:03:52 PDT> skeet: Oahu, in Hawaii.

29 Jul, 19:03:54 PDT> sassymonkey: earlier today we had three people on - me in canada, someone in the usa and vanda from england

29 Jul, 19:04:07 PDT> nichi: I'll try and explain my "research" in a minute. gotta take a quick break. Hubby thinks I've gone mad staying on the computer all day.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 19:00:42.0 to 2006-07-29 19:02:48.0

29 Jul, 19:00:42 PDT> nelle: we have it in this house, but downstairs gets rather cold, whilst up here it's rather toasty

29 Jul, 19:00:44 PDT> skeet: Yeah, it's a killer heatwave on the mainland. Reasonably comfy here.

29 Jul, 19:01:02 PDT> nelle: so what are you doing the research for, nichi?

29 Jul, 19:01:07 PDT> skeet: Where are you, nichi?

29 Jul, 19:01:14 PDT> nichi: We actually were able to keep it off today because we kept all curtains and blinds closed from early morning. Of course, now I feel like a dang mole.

29 Jul, 19:01:42 PDT> nelle: rofl, yup... i keep all the shades upstairs drawn when it's this warm

29 Jul, 19:02:01 PDT> skeet: I have to have sun. I get crazy depressed during the rainy season.

29 Jul, 19:02:30 PDT> nichi: I'm not sure what's worse: cabin fever in the summer or cabin fever in the winter. Either way, we're certainly not enjoying the outdoors. I'm in columbus, ohio.

29 Jul, 19:02:32 PDT> nelle: i tend to like rain, but then tend to like sun as well. am weird that way

29 Jul, 19:02:48 PDT> nelle: ah, not far really from sassy

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:58:30.0 to 2006-07-29 19:00:35.0

29 Jul, 18:58:30 PDT> skeet: Sassymonkey, nelle & I all go to hte same private message board

29 Jul, 18:59:26 PDT> skeet: LOL! both dogs now in here with me ... in the air conditioning.

29 Jul, 18:59:29 PDT> nelle: in the end, each has it's strengths and weaknesses

29 Jul, 18:59:37 PDT> nelle: smart doggies

29 Jul, 18:59:37 PDT> nichi: I call them bulletin board/forum/message board. I guess I've been using bulletin board because the major player seems to be vbulletin.

29 Jul, 18:59:50 PDT> sassymonkey: oh i would love to have a/c right now skeet. and you know how I hate it

29 Jul, 18:59:51 PDT> nelle: ah

29 Jul, 19:00:15 PDT> skeet: I'm not too fond of it, but have to have it in my office to keep my puter cool & dust-free.

29 Jul, 19:00:16 PDT> nichi: I feel so guilty because we DO have air and so many people are suffering.

29 Jul, 19:00:35 PDT> sassymonkey: i have a basement apartment nichi, i'm ok. it's just humid

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:56:21.0 to 2006-07-29 18:58:20.0

29 Jul, 18:56:21 PDT> skeet: Aloha you!

29 Jul, 18:56:23 PDT> nelle: rofl, nichi... that does tend to happen

29 Jul, 18:56:38 PDT> skeet: How ya? Better, I hope!

29 Jul, 18:56:51 PDT> nichi: I'm glad I found this site. It was just what I needed to get a handle on my research on blog vs bulletin board/forum.

29 Jul, 18:56:55 PDT> sassymonkey: less stressed than I've been all week

29 Jul, 18:57:11 PDT> nelle: ooh, the very thing that triggered me to blog

29 Jul, 18:57:38 PDT> nelle: and damn near got me shot, flogged and fileted by denise ;-)

29 Jul, 18:57:53 PDT> sassymonkey: only because you were being resistant without trying it

29 Jul, 18:57:58 PDT> nichi: what the blog vs bulletin board thing???

29 Jul, 18:58:20 PDT> nelle: well, in my case it was blog vs message board and what was better for building community

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:54:43.0 to 2006-07-29 18:56:08.0

29 Jul, 18:54:43 PDT> skeet: ?

29 Jul, 18:54:47 PDT> nelle: dunno

29 Jul, 18:54:57 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 72

29 Jul, 18:54:57 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 72

29 Jul, 18:54:58 PDT> nichi: Just curious because the sponsors seem to be of the Web 2.0 vein as well

29 Jul, 18:55:11 PDT> skeet: Oh! Aloha nichi!

29 Jul, 18:55:19 PDT> skeet: Lost you for a while

29 Jul, 18:55:34 PDT> nelle: i can only speak from personal experience, and making my own choices

29 Jul, 18:55:52 PDT> nichi: I keep "traveling". Trying to compress too much knowledge in too short a time.

29 Jul, 18:56:08 PDT> sassymonkey: I saw on my blog that'd you'd be here skeet so I had to come say hi

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:52:34.0 to 2006-07-29 18:54:38.0

29 Jul, 18:52:34 PDT> gabber860: Here's a question. Why does there appear to be so many sponsors on blog sites? Are these sponsors paying or is it good faith or something?

29 Jul, 18:52:39 PDT> nelle: yup, nice crowd

29 Jul, 18:52:59 PDT> nelle: on individual blogs? it's personal choice

29 Jul, 18:53:02 PDT> skeet: I gather they're picking up some of the conference expenses.

29 Jul, 18:53:26 PDT> skeet: Ah, I see. Some of them pay.

29 Jul, 18:53:30 PDT> nelle: i actually pay to blog, and make a choice not to add advertising

29 Jul, 18:53:31 PDT> nichi: Oh right, on this site, but seems to be consistent to a lot of sites. Not all.

29 Jul, 18:53:42 PDT> skeet: To individual bloggers. not sure how that works, though.

29 Jul, 18:54:11 PDT> nelle: but others use it to recoup their costs, to make a bit of money, etc

29 Jul, 18:54:38 PDT> skeet: Didn't D just join that pay-per-post thing/

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:48:09.0 to 2006-07-29 18:51:21.0

29 Jul, 18:48:09 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 860

29 Jul, 18:48:10 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 860

29 Jul, 18:50:12 PDT> gabber860: Just looked at the filmloop. Looks like a nice crowd.

29 Jul, 18:50:34 PDT> nelle: where is that? i'd not seen it

29 Jul, 18:50:48 PDT> nelle: oh, duh i see it

29 Jul, 18:50:50 PDT> skeet: Do you have a link/

29 Jul, 18:51:04 PDT> gabber860: In the upper right corner of this page under the conference schedule.

29 Jul, 18:51:08 PDT> nelle:

29 Jul, 18:51:20 PDT> gabber860: that too will work.

29 Jul, 18:51:21 PDT> skeet: Mahalo! I'll check it out i a bit.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:46:03.0 to 2006-07-29 18:48:00.0

29 Jul, 18:46:03 PDT> skeet: I'm support, not function.

29 Jul, 18:46:06 PDT> nelle: i was wondering that as well

29 Jul, 18:46:26 PDT> nichi: And how much has it grown since last year?

29 Jul, 18:46:39 PDT> skeet: Have they published figures yet?

29 Jul, 18:46:43 PDT> nelle: unfortunately questions i cannot answer

29 Jul, 18:47:07 PDT> skeet: Well, here we go again1

29 Jul, 18:47:29 PDT> nelle: oh well. i guess the answer is to have the answers

29 Jul, 18:47:37 PDT> skeet: LOL

29 Jul, 18:47:59 PDT> nelle: damn, that's a new record

29 Jul, 18:48:00 PDT> skeet: Instantanious!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:44:27.0 to 2006-07-29 18:45:57.0

29 Jul, 18:44:27 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 928

29 Jul, 18:44:59 PDT> skeet: Helloo --oo-oo! Echo!

29 Jul, 18:45:11 PDT> gabber928: Hi there. I'm back for a minute. Read the explanation of tags from the conference. Very enlightening.

29 Jul, 18:45:13 PDT> nelle: oo oo oo

29 Jul, 18:45:27 PDT> nelle: hello nichi

29 Jul, 18:45:28 PDT> skeet: Those of us not there envy you!

29 Jul, 18:45:35 PDT> skeet: aloha nichi!

29 Jul, 18:45:41 PDT> nelle: perhaps next year

29 Jul, 18:45:54 PDT> skeet: Yeah, right after I get my own blog, LOL!

29 Jul, 18:45:57 PDT> nichi: About how many people are attending the conference?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:41:55.0 to 2006-07-29 18:44:25.0

29 Jul, 18:41:55 PDT> skeet: I give up! You greet!

29 Jul, 18:42:00 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:42:02 PDT> skeet: LOL!

29 Jul, 18:42:09 PDT> skeet: A revolving door!

29 Jul, 18:42:28 PDT> nelle:

29 Jul, 18:43:45 PDT> skeet: Well bye to you too, Em!

29 Jul, 18:43:45 PDT> nelle: ohoh... they got em

29 Jul, 18:44:00 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 766

29 Jul, 18:44:14 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 766!

29 Jul, 18:44:25 PDT> nelle: and hellos to gabber 928

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:41:55.0 to 2006-07-29 18:42:28.0

29 Jul, 18:41:55 PDT> skeet: I give up! You greet!

29 Jul, 18:42:00 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:42:02 PDT> skeet: LOL!

29 Jul, 18:42:09 PDT> skeet: A revolving door!

29 Jul, 18:42:28 PDT> nelle:

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:41:00.0 to 2006-07-29 18:41:51.0

29 Jul, 18:41:00 PDT> Emsxiety: read up

29 Jul, 18:41:07 PDT> Emsxiety: not one mention of horny

29 Jul, 18:41:10 PDT> Emsxiety: lol

29 Jul, 18:41:15 PDT> skeet: Probably napped naked, too, huh?

29 Jul, 18:41:27 PDT> nelle: oh, yet another symptom

29 Jul, 18:41:37 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 825

29 Jul, 18:41:40 PDT> skeet: Shoot!

29 Jul, 18:41:43 PDT> nelle: faster than a speednign bullet

29 Jul, 18:41:44 PDT> Emsxiety: no in a wife beater and shorts

29 Jul, 18:41:51 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 631

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:39:45.0 to 2006-07-29 18:40:56.0

29 Jul, 18:39:45 PDT> skeet: Horny and stinky!

29 Jul, 18:39:49 PDT> skeet: For shame!

29 Jul, 18:39:53 PDT> Emsxiety: that's me

29 Jul, 18:39:54 PDT> nelle: lmao poor em

29 Jul, 18:40:24 PDT> Emsxiety: course i never said horny

29 Jul, 18:40:30 PDT> skeet: Skipped hygein class in sixth grade, Em?

29 Jul, 18:40:54 PDT> skeet: Hygiene!

29 Jul, 18:40:54 PDT> nelle: i coulda swore... how about you, skeet? didn't ya hear her mention it?

29 Jul, 18:40:55 PDT> Emsxiety: no.. just not showering today cause it's my day off

29 Jul, 18:40:56 PDT> Emsxiety: so i napped instead

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:38:48.0 to 2006-07-29 18:39:34.0

29 Jul, 18:38:48 PDT> skeet: Again!

29 Jul, 18:38:49 PDT> Emsxiety: lol

29 Jul, 18:39:01 PDT> nelle: put some fly paper on the wall

29 Jul, 18:39:02 PDT> skeet: giggle! Did we forget our deodorant?

29 Jul, 18:39:06 PDT> nelle: so they stick to it

29 Jul, 18:39:07 PDT> Emsxiety: oh shoot

29 Jul, 18:39:10 PDT> Emsxiety: I haven't even showered

29 Jul, 18:39:23 PDT> skeet: Well, then Em, it's all your fault!

29 Jul, 18:39:26 PDT> nelle: yup, showered and deodorised

29 Jul, 18:39:34 PDT> Emsxiety: yes yes it is

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:37:30.0 to 2006-07-29 18:38:47.0

29 Jul, 18:37:30 PDT> Emsxiety: bye gabber 3

29 Jul, 18:37:40 PDT> nelle: i think we are being flashed

29 Jul, 18:37:46 PDT> skeet: Oh, shucks! I missed that

29 Jul, 18:37:49 PDT> Emsxiety: I thought we were doing the cleavage collage

29 Jul, 18:38:18 PDT> nelle: har, now there is one i could add a lot to

29 Jul, 18:38:22 PDT> skeet: I said I'll do one if someone tells me how to post directly to the message board. Not gonna put it on flikr.

29 Jul, 18:38:31 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 186

29 Jul, 18:38:42 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 186

29 Jul, 18:38:46 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:38:47 PDT> Emsxiety: too late

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:36:39.0 to 2006-07-29 18:37:28.0

29 Jul, 18:36:39 PDT> nelle: hello gabber321

29 Jul, 18:36:46 PDT> skeet: That was quick!

29 Jul, 18:36:49 PDT> Emsxiety: hello gabber 321

29 Jul, 18:36:53 PDT> nelle: damn, they bounce faster than they can be greeted

29 Jul, 18:36:53 PDT> Emsxiety: yeah

29 Jul, 18:37:01 PDT> Emsxiety: no kidding

29 Jul, 18:37:14 PDT> skeet: We've got the place all to ourselves now? Shall we get naked or something?

29 Jul, 18:37:19 PDT> Emsxiety: maybe have superballs in their pants

29 Jul, 18:37:24 PDT> Emsxiety: hiya gabber 3

29 Jul, 18:37:28 PDT> nelle: well, they covered blogging naked

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:35:33.0 to 2006-07-29 18:36:11.0

29 Jul, 18:35:33 PDT> skeet: Aloha ARJ

29 Jul, 18:35:34 PDT> nelle: i'm jealous. hawaii *and* air conditioning

29 Jul, 18:35:47 PDT> nelle: hello ARJ

29 Jul, 18:35:49 PDT> ARJ: I need to eat some breakfast (even if it is 15 minutes to noon).

29 Jul, 18:35:51 PDT> skeet: Hee hee! Some of us are just lucky, I guess!

29 Jul, 18:35:55 PDT> ARJ: It was nice chattin' with y'all.

29 Jul, 18:35:57 PDT> nelle: works for me

29 Jul, 18:36:02 PDT> nelle: eyb!

29 Jul, 18:36:03 PDT> Emsxiety: nice chatting with ya arj

29 Jul, 18:36:11 PDT> skeet: Aloha again, then1

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:33:10.0 to 2006-07-29 18:35:25.0

29 Jul, 18:33:10 PDT> Emsxiety: never mind

29 Jul, 18:33:11 PDT> Emsxiety: i get it lmao

29 Jul, 18:33:18 PDT> Emsxiety: Im a little slow on the uptake

29 Jul, 18:33:28 PDT> nelle: you aren't the only one

29 Jul, 18:34:10 PDT> nelle: i'm just a tad north of warm this evening

29 Jul, 18:34:34 PDT> Emsxiety: IM in the air conditioned living room

29 Jul, 18:34:41 PDT> Emsxiety: on my laptop.. so im okay

29 Jul, 18:35:09 PDT> nelle: i have a fan circulating air, but premarin makes me more warm blooded

29 Jul, 18:35:12 PDT> skeet: Ahhhh! I'm in my office - the only room with AC, Not as hot here as over there, though.

29 Jul, 18:35:25 PDT> ARJ: Hmm... seems to be quieting down in here.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:31:24.0 to 2006-07-29 18:33:07.0

29 Jul, 18:31:24 PDT> skeet: Aloha other gabbers! Jump in anytime!

29 Jul, 18:31:27 PDT> nelle: har, i lived with snoring for 25 plus years

29 Jul, 18:31:45 PDT> nelle: hello gabber 243

29 Jul, 18:31:57 PDT> nelle: oops, too late on my gabber greating

29 Jul, 18:32:03 PDT> nelle: greeting

29 Jul, 18:32:15 PDT> skeet: Aloha gabber 596?

29 Jul, 18:32:39 PDT> nelle: em, vee haff vays...

29 Jul, 18:32:45 PDT> skeet: Need an iced tea refill. BRB.

29 Jul, 18:32:56 PDT> nelle: sounds yummy

29 Jul, 18:33:07 PDT> Emsxiety: vee haff vays?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:30:01.0 to 2006-07-29 18:31:05.0

29 Jul, 18:30:01 PDT> nelle: the unit itself is done, just some caulking and figure out how to trim everything

29 Jul, 18:30:10 PDT> skeet: Well, crap! That kills that line of fun!

29 Jul, 18:30:14 PDT> nelle: i could swear that word was uttered ;-0

29 Jul, 18:30:19 PDT> Emsxiety: nopers

29 Jul, 18:30:26 PDT> nelle: bummer

29 Jul, 18:30:35 PDT> Emsxiety: he's snoring, kind of puts a damper on horny anything

29 Jul, 18:30:51 PDT> skeet: Not neccessarily. ;0)

29 Jul, 18:30:51 PDT> nelle: a bucket of cold water can change that state

29 Jul, 18:30:57 PDT> nelle: rofl

29 Jul, 18:31:05 PDT> Emsxiety: snoring isn't attractive

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:27:55.0 to 2006-07-29 18:29:53.0

29 Jul, 18:27:55 PDT> skeet: Well, Em, do something about it, silly!

29 Jul, 18:28:06 PDT> skeet: Aloha chicagowench!

29 Jul, 18:28:37 PDT> chicagowench: oooooh rats. Kid. Later

29 Jul, 18:28:45 PDT> nelle: perhaps she is

29 Jul, 18:29:07 PDT> skeet: Yp! She seems to be busy. Good for her, LOL!

29 Jul, 18:29:13 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:29:36 PDT> skeet: Did you finish the shower walls today?

29 Jul, 18:29:40 PDT> Emsxiety: horny?

29 Jul, 18:29:47 PDT> skeet: Still?

29 Jul, 18:29:53 PDT> Emsxiety: i didn't say horny

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:24:19.0 to 2006-07-29 18:27:33.0

29 Jul, 18:24:19 PDT> nelle: oh, ok

29 Jul, 18:25:39 PDT> skeet: I notice that D & TW haven't had much time for blogging today. Hope their talks went well.

29 Jul, 18:26:10 PDT> nelle: i caught them earlier when denise was doing play by play, but think that was pretalk

29 Jul, 18:26:37 PDT> skeet: Yeah, I saw that. But nothing in the four or five hours since I went out.

29 Jul, 18:26:54 PDT> Emsxiety: yeah that was pretalk

29 Jul, 18:27:00 PDT> Emsxiety: i was in for that then fell asleep

29 Jul, 18:27:08 PDT> nelle: good evening

29 Jul, 18:27:12 PDT> chicagowench: hello!

29 Jul, 18:27:32 PDT> nelle: em was just telling us how horny she is

29 Jul, 18:27:33 PDT> skeet: LOL! We're aging, Em, no matter how much we deny it! I could use a nap right now!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:23:12.0 to 2006-07-29 18:24:14.0

29 Jul, 18:23:12 PDT> nelle: and you are no longer older than dirt. isn't that amazing?

29 Jul, 18:23:17 PDT> nelle: 'night

29 Jul, 18:23:32 PDT> skeet: Aloha koan!

29 Jul, 18:23:41 PDT> Emsxiety: nighters

29 Jul, 18:23:48 PDT> skeet: Yeah, I'm counting backwards these days, LOL!

29 Jul, 18:23:49 PDT> Emsxiety: well I slept a good portion of the day so im up now

29 Jul, 18:23:52 PDT> nelle: ya leaving em?

29 Jul, 18:24:04 PDT> nelle: i'm with you on that skeet

29 Jul, 18:24:11 PDT> Emsxiety: no.. i was saying goodnight to koan

29 Jul, 18:24:14 PDT> Emsxiety: but missed k

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:22:07.0 to 2006-07-29 18:23:12.0

29 Jul, 18:22:07 PDT> nelle: take care e, nice chatting

29 Jul, 18:22:13 PDT> Koan: bye e

29 Jul, 18:22:20 PDT> Emsxiety: wow skeet, go with your bad self

29 Jul, 18:22:23 PDT> skeet: Aloha e!

29 Jul, 18:22:39 PDT> nelle: beige!

29 Jul, 18:22:44 PDT> nelle: and matching!

29 Jul, 18:22:44 PDT> e: aloha!

29 Jul, 18:22:50 PDT> ARJ: Bye e

29 Jul, 18:22:51 PDT> skeet: Had a wonderful bookbruch! ALL of the ladies gave me birthday gifts!

29 Jul, 18:23:12 PDT> Koan: OK, time for sleepy-byes - bye all

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:21:03.0 to 2006-07-29 18:22:04.0

29 Jul, 18:21:03 PDT> skeet: LOL! Not gonna happen!

29 Jul, 18:21:24 PDT> nelle: ya sound like me

29 Jul, 18:21:27 PDT> skeet: I'm one of those folks who would start one going great guns, then let it die!

29 Jul, 18:21:33 PDT> Emsxiety: well you did finally buy a pair of non white panties so there is hope

29 Jul, 18:21:40 PDT> nelle: nah, we'd be there bugging you

29 Jul, 18:21:51 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:21:55 PDT> e: i'm signing off now. nice chatting with y'all.

29 Jul, 18:21:57 PDT> nelle: indeed, em

29 Jul, 18:22:02 PDT> skeet: I'll have you know I'm wearing a matching beige bra & panty set today!

29 Jul, 18:22:04 PDT> Emsxiety: nice chatting with ya E

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:19:57.0 to 2006-07-29 18:20:50.0

29 Jul, 18:19:57 PDT> nelle: you can change the name

29 Jul, 18:20:04 PDT> gabber979: hey Em, hey nelle!

29 Jul, 18:20:08 PDT> e: hi skeet, you need to change gabber 979 in the little window there

29 Jul, 18:20:16 PDT> e: like that :)

29 Jul, 18:20:16 PDT> skeet: aha!

29 Jul, 18:20:17 PDT> Emsxiety: good job skeet

29 Jul, 18:20:18 PDT> nelle:

29 Jul, 18:20:42 PDT> skeet: So how are our girls going? Have they been around?

29 Jul, 18:20:44 PDT> Emsxiety: 35% downloaded

29 Jul, 18:20:50 PDT> nelle: now to get skeet blogging

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:18:22.0 to 2006-07-29 18:19:49.0

29 Jul, 18:18:22 PDT> Emsxiety: see that's what i could do

29 Jul, 18:18:27 PDT> e: ah, i see koan has just signed in to skype :)

29 Jul, 18:18:31 PDT> Emsxiety: my voice sounds slightly like marissa tomei in my cousin vinny

29 Jul, 18:18:44 PDT> Emsxiety: profanity included some days lol

29 Jul, 18:19:07 PDT> gabber979: Well, well! Look who popped in!

29 Jul, 18:19:31 PDT> gabber979: Hmmmmph! This is skeet. Don't know why it's calling me that!

29 Jul, 18:19:38 PDT> Koan: e - you prompted me to do it - see the power you have! ;)

29 Jul, 18:19:47 PDT> Emsxiety: hiya skeet

29 Jul, 18:19:48 PDT> nelle: hey skeet...

29 Jul, 18:19:49 PDT> e: i sent you a chat

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:16:25.0 to 2006-07-29 18:18:10.0

29 Jul, 18:16:25 PDT> e: free phoning to any skype member anywhere in the world

29 Jul, 18:16:31 PDT> Emsxiety: wow nice

29 Jul, 18:16:37 PDT> e: internet phoning, i mean

29 Jul, 18:16:40 PDT> Emsxiety: course i don't have a microphone so that would make it difficult to call

29 Jul, 18:16:47 PDT> e: jsut go to and sign up!

29 Jul, 18:16:57 PDT> Koan: skype is really cool and useful - it workd for text chat, too

29 Jul, 18:17:00 PDT> e: no, but you could chat

29 Jul, 18:17:12 PDT> e: and i got a mike for it at circuit city for $14

29 Jul, 18:17:48 PDT> Emsxiety: im checking it out as we speak

29 Jul, 18:18:10 PDT> e: i oncre chatted with somebody who didn't have a mike and i spoke and he wrote

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:13:55.0 to 2006-07-29 18:16:13.0

29 Jul, 18:13:55 PDT> Koan: :) mine is the incredibly obfuscated koanbremner

29 Jul, 18:13:55 PDT> e: check her page, i'm sure she'll be posting there, too

29 Jul, 18:14:05 PDT> e: not unlike my own

29 Jul, 18:14:47 PDT> Koan: :) I can't remember obscure handles - it's my name, my brand, and about the one thing I never forget!

29 Jul, 18:15:31 PDT> e: i just added you...

29 Jul, 18:15:34 PDT> Koan: elithea - that;s a lovely name

29 Jul, 18:15:48 PDT> Emsxiety: what is skype

29 Jul, 18:15:51 PDT> e: thanks! nobody ever remembers it so i usually use e

29 Jul, 18:16:07 PDT> e: skype is free internet voicechat

29 Jul, 18:16:13 PDT> e: and regular chat, too

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:11:42.0 to 2006-07-29 18:13:31.0

29 Jul, 18:11:42 PDT> ARJ: I love my granny.

29 Jul, 18:11:51 PDT> Emsxiety: my granny's are all gone

29 Jul, 18:12:05 PDT> Koan: skype? sure

29 Jul, 18:12:05 PDT> nelle: mine as well

29 Jul, 18:12:22 PDT> e: liz henry is on skype, and it's at her place

29 Jul, 18:12:28 PDT> ARJ: She's the only one I have left.

29 Jul, 18:12:30 PDT> e: we talked on skype at the last one

29 Jul, 18:12:36 PDT> Koan: ah, cool!

29 Jul, 18:13:01 PDT> Koan: if I'm awake, I'll call in

29 Jul, 18:13:31 PDT> e: my skype is elitheawhittaker

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:11:42.0 to 2006-07-29 18:12:36.0

29 Jul, 18:11:42 PDT> ARJ: I love my granny.

29 Jul, 18:11:51 PDT> Emsxiety: my granny's are all gone

29 Jul, 18:12:05 PDT> Koan: skype? sure

29 Jul, 18:12:05 PDT> nelle: mine as well

29 Jul, 18:12:22 PDT> e: liz henry is on skype, and it's at her place

29 Jul, 18:12:28 PDT> ARJ: She's the only one I have left.

29 Jul, 18:12:30 PDT> e: we talked on skype at the last one

29 Jul, 18:12:36 PDT> Koan: ah, cool!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:10:24.0 to 2006-07-29 18:11:36.0

29 Jul, 18:10:24 PDT> e: ther'es another woolfcamp afterparty tomorrow at badger's

29 Jul, 18:10:42 PDT> ARJ: The oldest one used to have a lot of younger "boyfriends" and the younger sister made some comment that she was worried the older one might get aids.

29 Jul, 18:10:56 PDT> nelle: awwww

29 Jul, 18:10:56 PDT> e: i'm hoping we'll get that one online a little better--it's smaller anyway.

29 Jul, 18:10:56 PDT> ARJ: My granny said, "If she can get aids at 92, more power to her!"

29 Jul, 18:11:01 PDT> Emsxiety: lol arj

29 Jul, 18:11:11 PDT> Koan: more WoolfCamp that I wish I was at - oh well! :)

29 Jul, 18:11:27 PDT> nelle: yeah, would be fun to go. perhaps next time around.

29 Jul, 18:11:27 PDT> e: we can be there virtually, though, koan!

29 Jul, 18:11:36 PDT> e: are you on skype?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:08:14.0 to 2006-07-29 18:10:22.0

29 Jul, 18:08:14 PDT> nelle: another 44? no way

29 Jul, 18:08:55 PDT> Emsxiety: they look in their sixties

29 Jul, 18:09:16 PDT> e: my aunt is 100. still swims every day. looks 20 years younger, still

29 Jul, 18:09:22 PDT> nelle: i probably look like i'm in my sixties

29 Jul, 18:09:41 PDT> nelle: kewl, e...

29 Jul, 18:09:44 PDT> Koan: my family are very long-lived, but somehow I think I'll buck that trend - but that's OK

29 Jul, 18:10:03 PDT> e: i guess this is about all we'll get of blogher now, huh?

29 Jul, 18:10:10 PDT> ARJ: My granny has two older sisters that are about 10-15 years older than her.

29 Jul, 18:10:14 PDT> nelle: may as well live for all ya want out of life. kate hepburn used to swim every day

29 Jul, 18:10:22 PDT> Koan: probably - they'll be cocktailing soon

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:06:31.0 to 2006-07-29 18:08:09.0

29 Jul, 18:06:31 PDT> Emsxiety: sorry made me think of a resident and that was her saying

29 Jul, 18:06:49 PDT> Emsxiety: dear lord.. all he wants to do is shake the lead in his pants

29 Jul, 18:07:02 PDT> nelle: okaaaaay

29 Jul, 18:07:13 PDT> Emsxiety: she was 95 and had said that all her life

29 Jul, 18:07:20 PDT> Emsxiety: still remembered it even though she had dementia

29 Jul, 18:07:33 PDT> nelle: it kinda wore out a track in her mind

29 Jul, 18:07:40 PDT> nelle: impossible to forget

29 Jul, 18:07:42 PDT> Koan: 95 - wow... I can't imagine living that long

29 Jul, 18:07:55 PDT> nelle: me either

29 Jul, 18:08:09 PDT> Emsxiety: we had one that was 99 doing wonderfully

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:03:42.0 to 2006-07-29 18:06:20.0

29 Jul, 18:03:42 PDT> Emsxiety: yes, it's the reward that makes it all worth it

29 Jul, 18:03:47 PDT> nelle: she would be traumatised and have to sleep on your couch

29 Jul, 18:03:57 PDT> Emsxiety: umm no my door is stuck closed

29 Jul, 18:04:38 PDT> kaliliy: I've got to get back to my 24-7 rewardless job. catch ya'later

29 Jul, 18:04:51 PDT> nelle: bye!

29 Jul, 18:05:03 PDT> Koan: byeee

29 Jul, 18:05:11 PDT> Emsxiety: it's not rewardless though

29 Jul, 18:05:12 PDT> Emsxiety: that's what they keep telling me

29 Jul, 18:05:55 PDT> Koan: maybe virtue is it's own reward

29 Jul, 18:06:20 PDT> Emsxiety: patience is a virtue possess it if you can.. seldom in a woman but never in a man

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:02:37.0 to 2006-07-29 18:03:33.0

29 Jul, 18:02:37 PDT> nelle: or worse... me?

29 Jul, 18:02:40 PDT> Emsxiety: i'd only get stuck if it were shiny

29 Jul, 18:02:47 PDT> Emsxiety: shiny objects distract me

29 Jul, 18:02:51 PDT> sassymonkey: or sparkley

29 Jul, 18:02:57 PDT> kaliliy: revenge is always risky

29 Jul, 18:03:17 PDT> ARJ: Just put them where you can't see them.

29 Jul, 18:03:19 PDT> Emsxiety: with my luck it would be like her to not be able to move cause her fingers were stuck

29 Jul, 18:03:20 PDT> nelle: but occasionally rewarding

29 Jul, 18:03:32 PDT> kaliliy: everything's a trade off

29 Jul, 18:03:33 PDT> nelle: har!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:01:02.0 to 2006-07-29 18:02:14.0

29 Jul, 18:01:02 PDT> Emsxiety: every time something ticks him off he says see now if i had a taser lol

29 Jul, 18:01:04 PDT> nelle: i think em would rather enjoy the dementor with an instant perm

29 Jul, 18:01:21 PDT> Emsxiety: absolutely

29 Jul, 18:01:25 PDT> Koan: yes, Keith is a a hoot! :)

29 Jul, 18:01:35 PDT> Emsxiety: her hair is very 80's right now. I think it would catch fire from all the aqua net

29 Jul, 18:01:43 PDT> nelle: lmao

29 Jul, 18:01:45 PDT> ARJ: Maybe you should just leave a set of Chinese fingercuffs outside the door.

29 Jul, 18:01:54 PDT> ARJ: See if that keeps her busy for a day or two.

29 Jul, 18:02:01 PDT> nelle: haha

29 Jul, 18:02:14 PDT> nelle: but what if em gets her fingers stuck?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 18:00:15.0 to 2006-07-29 18:00:59.0

29 Jul, 18:00:15 PDT> nelle: rofl

29 Jul, 18:00:17 PDT> Emsxiety: lol Arj

29 Jul, 18:00:25 PDT> nelle: or a taser

29 Jul, 18:00:32 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. now there's an idea we didn't think of

29 Jul, 18:00:35 PDT> ARJ: Ooh, electrocution is effective.

29 Jul, 18:00:37 PDT> Emsxiety: R my hubby so wants a taser

29 Jul, 18:00:38 PDT> Koan: or that electrocutes the ringer, with DNA recognition keyed to her?

29 Jul, 18:00:39 PDT> Emsxiety: he really does

29 Jul, 18:00:48 PDT> Emsxiety: that would be perfect K

29 Jul, 18:00:59 PDT> e: i just came back from a look around. i'd add keith at wordshadows to spanglrmonkey as my favorites, although he's been busy otherwise lately

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:57:48.0 to 2006-07-29 18:00:08.0

29 Jul, 17:57:48 PDT> nelle: i think em tried that

29 Jul, 17:57:51 PDT> Emsxiety: unfortunately she's next door, my husband destroyed our door bell for me

29 Jul, 17:58:23 PDT> Emsxiety: i mean broke it too so it's very soft and you can't ring it constantly any more

29 Jul, 17:58:29 PDT> Emsxiety: like she used to

29 Jul, 17:59:24 PDT> Koan: that's one thing about where I live (with friends) - it;s vety "open door, walk in" around here. Drives me nuts. I'd have chains and guard dogs! ;)

29 Jul, 17:59:46 PDT> Emsxiety: I live in an apartment building and she lives across the hall

29 Jul, 17:59:49 PDT> Emsxiety: I thought about land mines for awhile

29 Jul, 17:59:54 PDT> nelle: at my old home, our doors were unlocked when we were gone... but then there was a 150 pound dog inside

29 Jul, 17:59:56 PDT> Emsxiety: but my kids would probably trip them up before she did

29 Jul, 18:00:08 PDT> ARJ: Door bell that squirts mace?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:56:39.0 to 2006-07-29 17:57:40.0

29 Jul, 17:56:39 PDT> Emsxiety: lol c'mon over Nelle

29 Jul, 17:56:50 PDT> Emsxiety: shoot you live what? ten minutes from me and we've yet to meet

29 Jul, 17:56:55 PDT> nelle: lessee... doorbeel at 1 am?

29 Jul, 17:56:56 PDT> Emsxiety: how horrible is that??

29 Jul, 17:57:16 PDT> nelle: i know, we have to do something about that.

29 Jul, 17:57:25 PDT> sassymonkey: make a date

29 Jul, 17:57:29 PDT> Emsxiety: we have the best of intentions.. just not so good on the follow through

29 Jul, 17:57:31 PDT> Koan: boiling oil from an upstairs window works well to deter such callers, I find

29 Jul, 17:57:37 PDT> Emsxiety: lol Koan

29 Jul, 17:57:40 PDT> nelle: rofl

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:54:32.0 to 2006-07-29 17:56:34.0

29 Jul, 17:54:32 PDT> kaliliy: Except for ARJ, I don't knowany of your blogs but now I haveincentive search them out.

29 Jul, 17:54:37 PDT> Koan: I'd put Jo Spanglemonkey's writing in a similar vein - very individual, very recognisable style

29 Jul, 17:55:38 PDT> Emsxiety: I write about random things as they strike me

29 Jul, 17:56:01 PDT> nelle: and you are losing your number one blog fodder, em

29 Jul, 17:56:03 PDT> Emsxiety: my niece said she'd never read my blog again.. she does

29 Jul, 17:56:10 PDT> kaliliy: Yes em so do I. Again,it's our own personal experiences.

29 Jul, 17:56:12 PDT> sassymonkey: lol em

29 Jul, 17:56:13 PDT> ARJ: Random is good.

29 Jul, 17:56:14 PDT> Emsxiety: ahhh.. yes the lovely door bell ringing dementor

29 Jul, 17:56:34 PDT> nelle: i'll move in next door and harass you

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:51:00.0 to 2006-07-29 17:54:30.0

29 Jul, 17:51:00 PDT> ARJ: Then it's like a badge of honour thing.

29 Jul, 17:51:04 PDT> kaliliy: hey, we all gravitate toward thosewe have someting in commonwith.

29 Jul, 17:51:06 PDT> e: just like anybody

29 Jul, 17:51:28 PDT> nelle: i guess everyone feels their story is important, given they lived it

29 Jul, 17:51:29 PDT> ARJ: That is true kali.

29 Jul, 17:51:42 PDT> Emsxiety: I love reading daddy blogs to be honest. i find them refreshing and sometimes hilarious

29 Jul, 17:52:09 PDT> kaliliy: you know, em, you're right. daddy's usually have a great sense of humor about it all

29 Jul, 17:53:20 PDT> kaliliy: I guess I tend prefer blogs like Jeneane's, which have a distinct writing style and the posts are from the heart

29 Jul, 17:54:25 PDT> ARJ: I like the fact that Jeneane writes about a whole host of things-- some of them I find interesting, some I don't, but I always know there will be something fresh tomorrow.

29 Jul, 17:54:30 PDT> Emsxiety: I read a variety of blogs

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:49:11.0 to 2006-07-29 17:50:49.0

29 Jul, 17:49:11 PDT> Emsxiety: it's doing good

29 Jul, 17:49:18 PDT> ARJ: I always used to hate it at family gatherings when all the moms would sit around and talk about going into labour.

29 Jul, 17:49:37 PDT> Emsxiety: I think labor is personal and should never be discussed with a first time pregnant woman

29 Jul, 17:49:49 PDT> kaliliy: well, there's also an "elderblogger" bunch who all read each other. there's an essential commonality ofexperience

29 Jul, 17:49:52 PDT> ARJ: I appreciated that it was significant to them, but not much for me to do but wander off and have more dessert.

29 Jul, 17:49:52 PDT> Emsxiety: I hate when woman do scary stories

29 Jul, 17:50:06 PDT> e: yeah, well when they start with the go mommybloggers, i'm all "bye!"

29 Jul, 17:50:06 PDT> Emsxiety: at baby showers

29 Jul, 17:50:29 PDT> nelle: rofl em i agree, and of course have never been preggers...

29 Jul, 17:50:49 PDT> ARJ: The thing I've noticed is that as soon as the first scary story starts, they all have to one-up each other.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:48:12.0 to 2006-07-29 17:49:09.0

29 Jul, 17:48:12 PDT> Emsxiety: lol Nelle

29 Jul, 17:48:20 PDT> ARJ: I like kids but it does feel a bit overwhelming to find yet *another* "This is my home school quirky stories about my kid" blog.

29 Jul, 17:48:25 PDT> e: i read them because they're my friends, but when they go off on mommyblogger unity tangents, it doesn't work

29 Jul, 17:48:33 PDT> kaliliy: to be honest, I've never read a mommyblog.

29 Jul, 17:48:40 PDT> Emsxiety: i write about my kids at time, but they're older

29 Jul, 17:48:54 PDT> sassymonkey: speaking of's HJ's piercing?

29 Jul, 17:49:00 PDT> ARJ: Well, I guess it's like any social group where you have some women who are mothers and some aren't.

29 Jul, 17:49:04 PDT> e: it's not writing about kids, its this mommyblogger identity thing, i dont' know

29 Jul, 17:49:09 PDT> nelle: rofl, i am like that with things trannie... not because the subject tires me, but because it spooks the hell out of me

29 Jul, 17:49:09 PDT> Emsxiety: like my daughter asking me the date, we told her twice, as she's leaving the room she turns back and says, that's july right? cute at 5, a little scary at 16 lol

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:47:04.0 to 2006-07-29 17:47:56.0

29 Jul, 17:47:04 PDT> nelle: em... who knew?

29 Jul, 17:47:07 PDT> sassymonkey: I'm also not a mommy

29 Jul, 17:47:07 PDT> Emsxiety: lol

29 Jul, 17:47:26 PDT> kaliliy: I'm a grandma. But I'm not a grandmablotter

29 Jul, 17:47:31 PDT> Emsxiety: i think if women are honest with themselves.. they'll admit they find some woman attractive

29 Jul, 17:47:32 PDT> e: don't you find all this stridient mommy mommy mommy stuff a bit offputting?

29 Jul, 17:47:34 PDT> kaliliy: sorry ,blogger

29 Jul, 17:47:46 PDT> Koan: I think it's the humour, more than anything, that makes me read mommyblogs

29 Jul, 17:47:47 PDT> ARJ: I find some of it funny in small doses.

29 Jul, 17:47:56 PDT> nelle: i have to admit to finding women attractive

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:46:16.0 to 2006-07-29 17:47:01.0

29 Jul, 17:46:16 PDT> e: or maybe not the right generation

29 Jul, 17:46:18 PDT> nelle: rofl, indeed...

29 Jul, 17:46:29 PDT> nelle: we tend to have our... friendly skirmishes

29 Jul, 17:46:34 PDT> Koan: e > I'm hardly a mommyblogger - but I never felt excluded - they just opened arms and group hugged

29 Jul, 17:46:38 PDT> sassymonkey: that's one way to describe them..

29 Jul, 17:46:41 PDT> Emsxiety: in fact my last blog was about women I find attractive

29 Jul, 17:46:42 PDT> Emsxiety: lol

29 Jul, 17:46:46 PDT> ARJ: e-- I'm not a mommyblogger either.

29 Jul, 17:46:56 PDT> e: i didn't mean excluded as in actively excluded, just that i have nothing to contribute there

29 Jul, 17:47:01 PDT> sassymonkey: I'm not a mommyblogger.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:45:19.0 to 2006-07-29 17:46:10.0

29 Jul, 17:45:19 PDT> nelle: and in a way, was denise that got me blogging, because she told me i'd never take it seriously ;-)

29 Jul, 17:45:26 PDT> Emsxiety: lol.. that's our denise

29 Jul, 17:45:30 PDT> e: as a matter of fact, having no family, often i feel left out of things, like the whole mommyblogger thing...

29 Jul, 17:45:43 PDT> Koan: that's the facilitator in Denise! :)

29 Jul, 17:45:47 PDT> Emsxiety: I am a mommy, a wife

29 Jul, 17:45:50 PDT> e: sometimes it seems there's no way in

29 Jul, 17:45:55 PDT> Emsxiety: but it's not all i blog about

29 Jul, 17:45:58 PDT> kaliliy: I don't find may bloggers on the parental caregiving end either

29 Jul, 17:46:08 PDT> e: too busy!

29 Jul, 17:46:10 PDT> kaliliy: but that'snot all I blog about either

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:43:51.0 to 2006-07-29 17:45:16.0

29 Jul, 17:43:51 PDT> Koan: family > I don't really talk about family

29 Jul, 17:43:54 PDT> Emsxiety: my niece was very upset with me

29 Jul, 17:44:05 PDT> ARJ: The less nice family members I have the great fortune to be able to ignore most of the time.

29 Jul, 17:44:13 PDT> Emsxiety: but i explained to her.. it's my blog.. my view.. you disagree start your own blog and put up your side

29 Jul, 17:44:13 PDT> kaliliy: Yah. I had a big row with my brother a few years ago.

29 Jul, 17:44:22 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. of course you did em

29 Jul, 17:44:41 PDT> kaliliy: good response, em. my brother was going to take me tocourt

29 Jul, 17:44:44 PDT> Emsxiety: It's about me.. something in my life about me

29 Jul, 17:44:58 PDT> ARJ: Fantastic, Em-- not a lot of people feel they have that freedom.

29 Jul, 17:45:16 PDT> Emsxiety: i understand the constraint.. i do.. but i won't have it anymore

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:42:30.0 to 2006-07-29 17:43:49.0

29 Jul, 17:42:30 PDT> kaliliy: Who was it that went to wolfcamp? Was that that connected to the WWRWW website?

29 Jul, 17:42:49 PDT> e: it was me. the what?

29 Jul, 17:42:50 PDT> Emsxiety: I've blogged for a few years..but in the past year shared with others

29 Jul, 17:43:07 PDT> e: oh. not the lucy's spleen em...

29 Jul, 17:43:16 PDT> e: pleezed ta meetcha anyway

29 Jul, 17:43:21 PDT> kaliliy: I've been blogging for five years. How do you all deal with blogging about family?

29 Jul, 17:43:29 PDT> e: dont' have any

29 Jul, 17:43:45 PDT> nelle: it was denise that would challenge me to get stuff out of my head - and played a big role in my finally finding some courage

29 Jul, 17:43:48 PDT> ARJ: The nice family members are easy to blog about ;-)

29 Jul, 17:43:49 PDT> Emsxiety: I let it fly honestly

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:41:04.0 to 2006-07-29 17:42:26.0

29 Jul, 17:41:04 PDT> Emsxiety: I dnt' have anxiety I have emsxiety

29 Jul, 17:41:07 PDT> e: you were busy back then, though....

29 Jul, 17:41:15 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle...yes you do Em

29 Jul, 17:41:28 PDT> Koan: "busy" - heh, I suppose! ;)

29 Jul, 17:41:34 PDT> nelle: since i started playing in cyberspace, i've tended to reach out a bit more. it used to be things stayed bottled up, but that reluctance in large part is gone now

29 Jul, 17:41:34 PDT> e: em, where are you, are you the em I know?

29 Jul, 17:41:44 PDT> Koan: now I'm just poor - but happy!

29 Jul, 17:41:50 PDT> e: it will do that, nelle, thank goodness!

29 Jul, 17:42:10 PDT> e: yeah, well, i'm poor too, we can be poor together

29 Jul, 17:42:26 PDT> nelle: yes... this is the beginning of my second year of blogging. a year ago, there was no way a lot of stuff i write on would be out here.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:41:04.0 to 2006-07-29 17:41:44.0

29 Jul, 17:41:04 PDT> Emsxiety: I dnt' have anxiety I have emsxiety

29 Jul, 17:41:07 PDT> e: you were busy back then, though....

29 Jul, 17:41:15 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle...yes you do Em

29 Jul, 17:41:28 PDT> Koan: "busy" - heh, I suppose! ;)

29 Jul, 17:41:34 PDT> nelle: since i started playing in cyberspace, i've tended to reach out a bit more. it used to be things stayed bottled up, but that reluctance in large part is gone now

29 Jul, 17:41:34 PDT> e: em, where are you, are you the em I know?

29 Jul, 17:41:44 PDT> Koan: now I'm just poor - but happy!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:40:06.0 to 2006-07-29 17:40:56.0

29 Jul, 17:40:06 PDT> e: hmmm, at wolfcamp it took about half an hour and then we were all bonded

29 Jul, 17:40:20 PDT> e: trying to find connectivity will do that

29 Jul, 17:40:22 PDT> kaliliy: I agree with the two day thing. It takes the first day to get a feel for the whole thing

29 Jul, 17:40:22 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 17:40:26 PDT> Koan: I *really* wanted to get to WoolfCamp

29 Jul, 17:40:37 PDT> sassymonkey: and to get over your anxiety (if you are me)

29 Jul, 17:40:39 PDT> e: we *really* wanted you to

29 Jul, 17:40:52 PDT> e: as it was, i think i was the only out of towner

29 Jul, 17:40:54 PDT> Koan: aw, e, thank you! :)

29 Jul, 17:40:56 PDT> e: or out of stater

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:38:49.0 to 2006-07-29 17:39:38.0

29 Jul, 17:38:49 PDT> Emsxiety: Im good at small talk

29 Jul, 17:38:52 PDT> e: we're doing pretty good here, though

29 Jul, 17:39:00 PDT> e: i know the mom thing, k

29 Jul, 17:39:04 PDT> e: it's not easy

29 Jul, 17:39:11 PDT> Koan: Em - that's why I think the two day approach will probably have worked better - people will have got comfortable day one, and then connected more easily day two

29 Jul, 17:39:24 PDT> e: was it one day last year?

29 Jul, 17:39:28 PDT> Emsxiety: yeah.. I agree Koan

29 Jul, 17:39:29 PDT> kaliliy: I"m good at small talk but but don't it. Ah, emsxiety, want a job here?

29 Jul, 17:39:31 PDT> sassymonkey: That makes sense to me Koan.

29 Jul, 17:39:38 PDT> Koan: yes, one day - there was a dinner the night before

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:37:59.0 to 2006-07-29 17:38:47.0

29 Jul, 17:37:59 PDT> Emsxiety: My thing when meeting people is i am quiet at first till I look around a bit

29 Jul, 17:38:12 PDT> e: no, but they don't have

29 Jul, 17:38:14 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. I want to have cocktails with you Em

29 Jul, 17:38:17 PDT> Emsxiety: get comfortable in my surroundings and then im there

29 Jul, 17:38:22 PDT> e: the typos just jump at me

29 Jul, 17:38:23 PDT> kaliliy: I'm not too nerdy. I was in the bathroom with my 90 year old mom wiping her ass.

29 Jul, 17:38:29 PDT> nelle: I used to be rather shy, and still can be, but... depends on the situation and what's going on

29 Jul, 17:38:31 PDT> ARJ: I just suck at small talk-- I need someone to make a comment first that I can respond to to break the ice.

29 Jul, 17:38:40 PDT> sassymonkey: i also suck a small talk

29 Jul, 17:38:47 PDT> Emsxiety: I work at nursing home wiping ass

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:36:29.0 to 2006-07-29 17:37:58.0

29 Jul, 17:36:29 PDT> e: so it's 5:50, grace's is prolly talking already

29 Jul, 17:36:53 PDT> Koan: but there really was no need - I didn't detect anybody with a "don't talk to me, I'm an A-Lister" attitude

29 Jul, 17:37:14 PDT> e: i've found a lot of people are thining they're prolly too nerdy for this

29 Jul, 17:37:24 PDT> e: which is odd, since it's a nerdy thing

29 Jul, 17:37:30 PDT> sassymonkey: no...but it's easier to be outgoing and go up to people online rather than in person

29 Jul, 17:37:43 PDT> e: me, i just think i'm too lousy a typist...

29 Jul, 17:37:49 PDT> ARJ: I reckon most bloggers would have a "don't talk to me vibe"

29 Jul, 17:37:53 PDT> e: i useta could, but i got old, see

29 Jul, 17:37:56 PDT> ARJ: Otherwise, why blog?

29 Jul, 17:37:58 PDT> sassymonkey: only cause you stole all the typos

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:35:29.0 to 2006-07-29 17:36:23.0

29 Jul, 17:35:29 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i gotta go, i have an Actual Human in my apartment. it's been lovely chatting with all of you... i'll check in again later if it's not all over by then.

29 Jul, 17:35:39 PDT> e: seeya!

29 Jul, 17:35:42 PDT> ARJ: Bye Nerd

29 Jul, 17:35:44 PDT> sassymonkey: bye

29 Jul, 17:35:44 PDT> Koan: the one thing that I regretted, last year, was the number of people who said afterwards "I wanted to say hi to you, but I was too shy"

29 Jul, 17:35:49 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ciao!

29 Jul, 17:35:50 PDT> Koan: bye

29 Jul, 17:35:56 PDT> e: KEEP IN TOUCH!

29 Jul, 17:36:19 PDT> sassymonkey: i'd likely be one of those types

29 Jul, 17:36:23 PDT> Emsxiety: i woke up early.. then napped an hour here two hours there five hours here lol

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:34:14.0 to 2006-07-29 17:35:24.0

29 Jul, 17:34:14 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: door bell, be back...

29 Jul, 17:34:29 PDT> e: i have, too.

29 Jul, 17:34:40 PDT> sassymonkey: I've met denise...but that was pre-blogging

29 Jul, 17:34:42 PDT> Emsxiety: i cant believe i napped most of the day

29 Jul, 17:34:46 PDT> e: these weekend things are great, althoug i think i like the subgroups best

29 Jul, 17:34:48 PDT> sassymonkey: Em you need it

29 Jul, 17:34:55 PDT> Emsxiety: it felt great

29 Jul, 17:35:19 PDT> e: i cant believe i've sat here on m bed all day and clicked!

29 Jul, 17:35:22 PDT> sassymonkey: i wanted to sleep in today but some people decided to do their laundry at 8am and woke me up

29 Jul, 17:35:24 PDT> e: ooo, my back!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:32:46.0 to 2006-07-29 17:34:00.0

29 Jul, 17:32:46 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: also, i fear that i am too opinionated and contrarian.

29 Jul, 17:32:56 PDT> e: if any of you newbies are actually at blogHer, take pity on us!!

29 Jul, 17:32:57 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. with the four of you being "taken care" of could be ummm interesting...

29 Jul, 17:33:06 PDT> Emsxiety: umm yeah

29 Jul, 17:33:15 PDT> Koan: NEV, opinionated is no crime! :)

29 Jul, 17:33:23 PDT> e: not more than ME, nerd!

29 Jul, 17:33:43 PDT> e: so may joiners, something must be happening, no?

29 Jul, 17:33:50 PDT> sassymonkey: perhaps.

29 Jul, 17:33:59 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: bless you all. it's just that when you take your crackpot under the flourescents in the basement persona out in public, you findy yourself blinking in the lights...

29 Jul, 17:34:00 PDT> kaliliy: I've had a chance to hang out with several women bloggers before all of ths - Betsy Devine, Halley Suitt -- it's a whole different thing meeting inperson.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:31:53.0 to 2006-07-29 17:32:42.0

29 Jul, 17:31:53 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i am not much of a joiner, really, and crowds scare me.

29 Jul, 17:32:05 PDT> nelle: good evening

29 Jul, 17:32:06 PDT> Emsxiety: bye nelle

29 Jul, 17:32:10 PDT> Emsxiety: hi nelle again

29 Jul, 17:32:10 PDT> e: hi nelle?

29 Jul, 17:32:11 PDT> kaliliy: any speculation where it might be on the east coast?

29 Jul, 17:32:21 PDT> sassymonkey: nerd i'm surprisingly shy in person. But if denise, tw and Em and Lee will be there i'll be ok. ;)

29 Jul, 17:32:36 PDT> Emsxiety: you'll be fine Sassy..we'll take care of you

29 Jul, 17:32:39 PDT> sassymonkey: No idea kaliliy. I don't know if it's anything more than a rumor

29 Jul, 17:32:42 PDT> Koan: It was a buzz - and even if you don't actually meet another particular attendee at the event, that shared "we were both there" still seemed to add fellowship

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:30:55.0 to 2006-07-29 17:31:36.0

29 Jul, 17:30:55 PDT> Emsxiety: much more doable

29 Jul, 17:31:03 PDT> kaliliy: Much more for me too

29 Jul, 17:31:08 PDT> Koan: I can tell you, the adrenaline buzz I got from being there last year lasted for days and weeks

29 Jul, 17:31:15 PDT> e: i went out to woolfcamp in february.

29 Jul, 17:31:17 PDT> sassymonkey: Em we must get Lee to go next year

29 Jul, 17:31:23 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: koan, a few people are saying that.

29 Jul, 17:31:25 PDT> Emsxiety: oh yeah..definitely

29 Jul, 17:31:29 PDT> Emsxiety: hiya Nelle!

29 Jul, 17:31:33 PDT> e: it was terrific

29 Jul, 17:31:36 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: big buzzzzzzz, they are saying.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:30:03.0 to 2006-07-29 17:30:51.0

29 Jul, 17:30:03 PDT> Emsxiety: i'd love to go.. but it's not in the cards for me.. so I'll live vicariously through others

29 Jul, 17:30:05 PDT> sassymonkey: not kicking myself because it just wasn't possible this year but I do plan to go next year

29 Jul, 17:30:12 PDT> e: i think i'd be apoplectic if i were actually there

29 Jul, 17:30:21 PDT> kaliliy: I told Jeneane that next year we're both going to go.

29 Jul, 17:30:22 PDT> e: as opposed to now, when i'm mere4ly disappointed :)

29 Jul, 17:30:35 PDT> e: 517 snuck out

29 Jul, 17:30:42 PDT> ARJ: I wish I could but a $2k plane ticket is still foreseeably out of budget.

29 Jul, 17:30:45 PDT> sassymonkey: Em there are rumors it will be on the east coast next year...

29 Jul, 17:30:51 PDT> Emsxiety: really? if it is.. im there

29 Jul, 17:30:51 PDT> e: 446 never did reveal, did she?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:28:09.0 to 2006-07-29 17:29:57.0

29 Jul, 17:28:09 PDT> ARJ: Jeneane will be back when she's done yelling at the lightning to go away.

29 Jul, 17:28:12 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: :)

29 Jul, 17:28:16 PDT> sassymonkey: :)

29 Jul, 17:28:32 PDT> e: maybe the started late?

29 Jul, 17:28:36 PDT> e: they

29 Jul, 17:28:41 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: here's hoping.

29 Jul, 17:28:44 PDT> ARJ: Take more than natural disasters to stop that lady.

29 Jul, 17:29:45 PDT> Koan: so, anybody kicking themself, and saying, "next year I'm going" ? ;)

29 Jul, 17:29:56 PDT> e: no, not really

29 Jul, 17:29:57 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: candidly, i am still deciding.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:27:01.0 to 2006-07-29 17:28:04.0

29 Jul, 17:27:01 PDT> ARJ: You can go back thru it later when you have a quiet moment.

29 Jul, 17:27:01 PDT> Koan: I, too, went for a nap - mind you, it's 0137 here, so that's my excuse

29 Jul, 17:27:22 PDT> e: it's really cool live, though.

29 Jul, 17:27:24 PDT> e: we were good!

29 Jul, 17:27:37 PDT> e: jeneane was here.

29 Jul, 17:27:39 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: we had conversation! we asked questions!

29 Jul, 17:27:41 PDT> e: until the lightning

29 Jul, 17:27:54 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: some of us were a little to excited and had to go sit in a corner to calm down.

29 Jul, 17:27:58 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle

29 Jul, 17:28:04 PDT> e: that would be me

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:26:33.0 to 2006-07-29 17:26:58.0

29 Jul, 17:26:33 PDT> e: we had a sesion livechatted to us

29 Jul, 17:26:33 PDT> ARJ: Don't try to catch up, just go with the flow.

29 Jul, 17:26:41 PDT> sassymonkey: yeah, Denise was here.

29 Jul, 17:26:42 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it was THRILLING.

29 Jul, 17:26:42 PDT> e: but now we don't have anybody there again

29 Jul, 17:26:49 PDT> ARJ: There's link for the log of what everyone has said

29 Jul, 17:26:51 PDT> Emsxiety: Just denise right?

29 Jul, 17:26:55 PDT> sassymonkey: yes

29 Jul, 17:26:57 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: so we are making random final declarations for keynotes.

29 Jul, 17:26:58 PDT> e: you can see it all at the rss

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:25:40.0 to 2006-07-29 17:26:29.0

29 Jul, 17:25:40 PDT> e: and kaliliy again!

29 Jul, 17:25:43 PDT> kaliliy: ARJ is that really you!!

29 Jul, 17:25:44 PDT> Koan: hi again

29 Jul, 17:25:47 PDT> ARJ: Yep.

29 Jul, 17:25:53 PDT> e: but nobody on site...

29 Jul, 17:26:11 PDT> sassymonkey: Hi em

29 Jul, 17:26:13 PDT> e: em!

29 Jul, 17:26:17 PDT> kaliliy: I'm having a tough time catching up with all of this . Mom is making me crazg

29 Jul, 17:26:24 PDT> Emsxiety: hiya.. I fell asleep earlier lol

29 Jul, 17:26:29 PDT> sassymonkey: lol!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:25:02.0 to 2006-07-29 17:25:38.0

29 Jul, 17:25:02 PDT> gabber446: ok - I'll fess up.

29 Jul, 17:25:04 PDT> e: 441!

29 Jul, 17:25:04 PDT> ARJ: Or is it ahoy?

29 Jul, 17:25:16 PDT> e: 446?

29 Jul, 17:25:17 PDT> sassymonkey: i think pirates just like all a words

29 Jul, 17:25:22 PDT> sassymonkey: Hi Koan

29 Jul, 17:25:24 PDT> e: koan!

29 Jul, 17:25:28 PDT> e: it's koan!

29 Jul, 17:25:31 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 17:25:38 PDT> ARJ: Hey kalilily :-)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:23:48.0 to 2006-07-29 17:24:56.0

29 Jul, 17:23:48 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i did that earlier, looked in, wandered off. there was no live chat.

29 Jul, 17:23:50 PDT> sassymonkey: hmm that's possible

29 Jul, 17:23:59 PDT> e: i said hi

29 Jul, 17:24:09 PDT> sassymonkey: yes you did. you were friendly

29 Jul, 17:24:12 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: yeah, you did.

29 Jul, 17:24:16 PDT> e: hi 517

29 Jul, 17:24:23 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 17:24:31 PDT> e: who goes there?

29 Jul, 17:24:48 PDT> e: avast!

29 Jul, 17:24:56 PDT> sassymonkey: yarrrrrrrrrrrrr

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:21:59.0 to 2006-07-29 17:23:39.0

29 Jul, 17:21:59 PDT> e: oh my

29 Jul, 17:22:24 PDT> e: (hello?)

29 Jul, 17:22:29 PDT> sassymonkey: hello

29 Jul, 17:22:32 PDT> e: (sigh)

29 Jul, 17:22:41 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 17:22:53 PDT> e: hi, 745!

29 Jul, 17:23:10 PDT> e: !

29 Jul, 17:23:16 PDT> ARJ: Hmm... lots of people just peeking.

29 Jul, 17:23:19 PDT> sassymonkey: we're scaring everyone away again

29 Jul, 17:23:39 PDT> ARJ: Either that or lots of search engines are spidering this page...

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:21:12.0 to 2006-07-29 17:21:59.0

29 Jul, 17:21:12 PDT> e: they say so

29 Jul, 17:21:15 PDT> sassymonkey: you start

29 Jul, 17:21:22 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: AND THEREFORE, I CONCLUDE...

29 Jul, 17:21:23 PDT> ARJ: Podcast would be great.

29 Jul, 17:21:23 PDT> e: i declare i wish i could know what grace is saying

29 Jul, 17:21:37 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: lol, e, me too.

29 Jul, 17:21:42 PDT> e: that was quick

29 Jul, 17:21:44 PDT> sassymonkey: it was

29 Jul, 17:21:53 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i declare i wish someone had sponsored me to go to blogher.

29 Jul, 17:21:59 PDT> sassymonkey: and i didn't say anything that could be considered bad this time etiher!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:19:27.0 to 2006-07-29 17:21:10.0

29 Jul, 17:19:27 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i'm always kicking myself when i make grammar errors. but note that *I* get to do that, not some random stranger.

29 Jul, 17:19:29 PDT> sassymonkey: yeah...i can see that

29 Jul, 17:20:23 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: dammit. no keynote chatter.

29 Jul, 17:20:34 PDT> e: i guess not.

29 Jul, 17:20:42 PDT> e: i've been sending up flares, but no response

29 Jul, 17:20:43 PDT> sassymonkey: nuts

29 Jul, 17:20:46 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i am sad.

29 Jul, 17:21:00 PDT> sassymonkey: I believe there will be a podcast..eventually

29 Jul, 17:21:04 PDT> e: that's what i said in my flare before the last session

29 Jul, 17:21:10 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: let's make random final declarations.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:09:36.0 to 2006-07-29 17:11:28.0

29 Jul, 17:09:36 PDT> e: bakerina is moving to her THIRD internet connection--she's in astoria.

29 Jul, 17:09:51 PDT> sassymonkey: that's dedication

29 Jul, 17:09:58 PDT> e: what were you auctioning?

29 Jul, 17:10:05 PDT> e: that's what koan said

29 Jul, 17:10:09 PDT> e: where did koan go?

29 Jul, 17:10:43 PDT> sassymonkey: I don't know. She hasn't been here for awhile.

29 Jul, 17:10:48 PDT> Lee: auctioning the contents of an estate...antiques, junk, stuff :)

29 Jul, 17:11:00 PDT> e: oh, i thought itmight be art

29 Jul, 17:11:21 PDT> Lee: to some people

29 Jul, 17:11:28 PDT> e: :)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:07:42.0 to 2006-07-29 17:09:25.0

29 Jul, 17:07:42 PDT> sassymonkey: yes.

29 Jul, 17:07:50 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: THERE it goes.

29 Jul, 17:08:02 PDT> gabber541: I'm in Chicago. Sooo hot today!

29 Jul, 17:08:07 PDT> Lee:

29 Jul, 17:08:19 PDT> sassymonkey: E - Lee does art too.

29 Jul, 17:08:31 PDT> Lee: it's been a long day :) hot long auction, cut fingers

29 Jul, 17:08:48 PDT> e: cut fingers?

29 Jul, 17:08:57 PDT> sassymonkey: I went out for a bit but mostly hung around here

29 Jul, 17:09:10 PDT> e: i need to go check on the blogathoners

29 Jul, 17:09:25 PDT> Lee: LOL, pulling an AC out and not thinking

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:07:02.0 to 2006-07-29 17:07:31.0

29 Jul, 17:07:02 PDT> sassymonkey: Leeeeeeeeee

29 Jul, 17:07:06 PDT> e: it's raining in florida, too

29 Jul, 17:07:11 PDT> ARJ: Clear blue skies in Oz, for once.

29 Jul, 17:07:16 PDT> e:

29 Jul, 17:07:16 PDT> ARJ: It rained all last week.

29 Jul, 17:07:18 PDT> sassymonkey: i wish it would rain in toronto. it's humid enough for it

29 Jul, 17:07:19 PDT> Lee: hey monkey...hello, storms in SC

29 Jul, 17:07:23 PDT> e: it'll be on the rss

29 Jul, 17:07:29 PDT> sassymonkey: You just missed Denise Lee

29 Jul, 17:07:31 PDT> gabber541: The Humidity Kingdom??

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:05:36.0 to 2006-07-29 17:06:53.0

29 Jul, 17:05:36 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: can't shut up.

29 Jul, 17:06:06 PDT> sassymonkey: has anyone else been havign issues with the chat window sometimes not scrollign down to new content?

29 Jul, 17:06:16 PDT> e: not me

29 Jul, 17:06:17 PDT> jeneane: okk imm outside raining, must close laptop

29 Jul, 17:06:17 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it bounces sometimes.

29 Jul, 17:06:20 PDT> jeneane: AAAH!

29 Jul, 17:06:33 PDT> e: oh, that's a southern thing: lightning!

29 Jul, 17:06:36 PDT> sassymonkey: ok. as long as it's not jsut me

29 Jul, 17:06:52 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: e, post your blog again? i didn't get it. and hello, lee, would you post yours as well?

29 Jul, 17:06:53 PDT> gabber541: I can't believe it's raining anywhere today!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:04:26.0 to 2006-07-29 17:05:29.0

29 Jul, 17:04:26 PDT> jeneane: Troll or Honesty--which is it

29 Jul, 17:04:30 PDT> sassymonkey: as a tech writer I'll tell you to keep ALL manuals. ;)

29 Jul, 17:04:33 PDT> e: but then they just left without saying anything

29 Jul, 17:04:36 PDT> jeneane: Flame or Fortune?

29 Jul, 17:04:51 PDT> e: oh phooey :)

29 Jul, 17:04:52 PDT> jeneane: Which inspires you to blog more?

29 Jul, 17:04:56 PDT> e: \i type too slow

29 Jul, 17:05:13 PDT> sassymonkey: blog more = need to get the thoughts out of my head

29 Jul, 17:05:28 PDT> ARJ: Ditto that sassy

29 Jul, 17:05:29 PDT> e: someplace to put my art that i can find it again

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:03:39.0 to 2006-07-29 17:04:24.0

29 Jul, 17:03:39 PDT> e: definitely

29 Jul, 17:03:44 PDT> jeneane: SMART!

29 Jul, 17:03:48 PDT> ARJ: Someone pick a topic!

29 Jul, 17:03:51 PDT> jeneane: Ready....begin

29 Jul, 17:03:51 PDT> e: people seemed to sign in

29 Jul, 17:04:05 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: "why you should keep your dishwasher manual."

29 Jul, 17:04:11 PDT> jeneane: HAHA!

29 Jul, 17:04:16 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle.

29 Jul, 17:04:20 PDT> ARJ: Theme song: "Legend of a Cowgirl" by Imani Coppola

29 Jul, 17:04:24 PDT> e: wait, people seemed to sign in when it was announced

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:02:59.0 to 2006-07-29 17:03:36.0

29 Jul, 17:02:59 PDT> e: i cried

29 Jul, 17:03:04 PDT> e: sassy comforted me

29 Jul, 17:03:05 PDT> jeneane: :-(

29 Jul, 17:03:12 PDT> jeneane: we'll do it better next year

29 Jul, 17:03:14 PDT> sassymonkey: and stole your words

29 Jul, 17:03:19 PDT> ARJ: Guess we have to just have our own session then!

29 Jul, 17:03:25 PDT> e: sassy and i discovered we are the same person

29 Jul, 17:03:27 PDT> jeneane: i'm glad this gabbly chat worked and that we know what a great in-session chatter is like

29 Jul, 17:03:30 PDT> jeneane: thanks to DENISE!

29 Jul, 17:03:36 PDT> sassymonkey: excellent suggestion ARJ!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:02:19.0 to 2006-07-29 17:02:56.0

29 Jul, 17:02:19 PDT> sassymonkey: in this room i believe we're all remote

29 Jul, 17:02:31 PDT> jeneane: so you think denise or someone will be back to chat the keynote?

29 Jul, 17:02:32 PDT> e: quiter ones would be spanglemonkey, squid, etc.

29 Jul, 17:02:35 PDT> e: denise was IT

29 Jul, 17:02:40 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ah, okay, 'cept for denise, that's it.

29 Jul, 17:02:44 PDT> e: if not denise, who?

29 Jul, 17:02:49 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: see, that's a drag.

29 Jul, 17:02:52 PDT> jeneane: :-(

29 Jul, 17:02:55 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: she's just one wonderwoman.

29 Jul, 17:02:56 PDT> e: we missed the other afternoon session, there was no one but us

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:00:54.0 to 2006-07-29 17:02:08.0

29 Jul, 17:00:54 PDT> e: nobody but denise has checked in on site'

29 Jul, 17:00:58 PDT> jeneane: we'll just chat in our heads and type it in later

29 Jul, 17:01:07 PDT> jeneane: kay that

29 Jul, 17:01:12 PDT> jeneane: is a lot of work for one woman

29 Jul, 17:01:25 PDT> e: is why i waqnted to collar liz...

29 Jul, 17:01:32 PDT> jeneane: yes

29 Jul, 17:01:40 PDT> e: but i can't find her

29 Jul, 17:01:45 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: who is at blogher?

29 Jul, 17:01:52 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: sound off, please?

29 Jul, 17:02:08 PDT> e: bloggers i know would be liz henry, mary tsao, grace davis

Transcript from 2006-07-29 17:00:12.0 to 2006-07-29 17:00:51.0

29 Jul, 17:00:12 PDT> jeneane: were are you going next and can you chat from there?

29 Jul, 17:00:13 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: yeup, i'm here.

29 Jul, 17:00:18 PDT> jeneane: can we follow you?

29 Jul, 17:00:22 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: oh, i'm in seattle.

29 Jul, 17:00:38 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: you can follow me from my house to the kitchen, where at some piont, i must deal with the suds in my dishwasher.

29 Jul, 17:00:39 PDT> jeneane: OH i get it

29 Jul, 17:00:43 PDT> jeneane: haha!

29 Jul, 17:00:47 PDT> ARJ: Heh.

29 Jul, 17:00:49 PDT> jeneane: you can follow me to pick up jenna

29 Jul, 17:00:51 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: oh, it's funny to YOU.. :)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:59:29.0 to 2006-07-29 17:00:11.0

29 Jul, 16:59:29 PDT> jeneane: i think we'd gravitate to one room that interests us most

29 Jul, 16:59:30 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: no, but i didn't want be in all four sessions, you know?

29 Jul, 16:59:34 PDT> jeneane: hee hee

29 Jul, 16:59:48 PDT> e: i still want the final keynote with grace...?

29 Jul, 16:59:50 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i woudn't actually have attended this one, but denise was there chatting it up.

29 Jul, 17:00:00 PDT> sassymonkey: so basically...for next year you'd like to see a live interact blog session for each session. right?

29 Jul, 17:00:04 PDT> sassymonkey: (I'm making notes)

29 Jul, 17:00:06 PDT> jeneane: so nerds eye, are you there?

29 Jul, 17:00:08 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: yes. yes. yes.

29 Jul, 17:00:11 PDT> e: i would have liked the art one. spanglemonkey put a littlebit on her page on it

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:58:51.0 to 2006-07-29 16:59:24.0

29 Jul, 16:58:51 PDT> jeneane: one live chatter per session

29 Jul, 16:58:53 PDT> jeneane: that would be great

29 Jul, 16:58:58 PDT> jeneane: OR clone denise

29 Jul, 16:59:02 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: actually, i think MAX one chat per session.

29 Jul, 16:59:03 PDT> jeneane: OR Split her in 4

29 Jul, 16:59:08 PDT> jeneane: Right

29 Jul, 16:59:16 PDT> e: can you see us trying to watch four and coment and link?

29 Jul, 16:59:16 PDT> jeneane: a designated in-room chatter

29 Jul, 16:59:17 PDT> jeneane: right?

29 Jul, 16:59:24 PDT> sassymonkey: denise is too little to split in 4. trust me.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:58:22.0 to 2006-07-29 16:58:46.0

29 Jul, 16:58:22 PDT> e: yes, but not interactive

29 Jul, 16:58:25 PDT> ARJ: Webcast + chat.

29 Jul, 16:58:25 PDT> jeneane: and have the RSS feed for later

29 Jul, 16:58:26 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it is not practical and or affordable for a lot of people, and I GOT TO ASK QUESTIONS from my home in seattle, i mean, how great is that.

29 Jul, 16:58:30 PDT> e: and react on the spot

29 Jul, 16:58:33 PDT> ARJ: So you can watch & type responses.

29 Jul, 16:58:37 PDT> jeneane: yah

29 Jul, 16:58:39 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: web cast/chat combo.

29 Jul, 16:58:43 PDT> e: and we seem to have worked well together right outta the box

29 Jul, 16:58:46 PDT> jeneane: at a minimum one chat window per session

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:57:18.0 to 2006-07-29 16:58:15.0

29 Jul, 16:57:18 PDT> jeneane: you can't even do that in person

29 Jul, 16:57:30 PDT> jeneane: hmmm

29 Jul, 16:57:35 PDT> e: at least to get somebody to send one to a conference and put one up, for instance?

29 Jul, 16:57:42 PDT> jeneane: yes

29 Jul, 16:57:43 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: e - what you said.

29 Jul, 16:57:51 PDT> jeneane: important

29 Jul, 16:58:01 PDT> jeneane: for global folks and people who can't get there, that would be awesome

29 Jul, 16:58:04 PDT> e: the bolghers need to know how great this is, the dynamic here

29 Jul, 16:58:06 PDT> jeneane: of course webcast would be good

29 Jul, 16:58:15 PDT> jeneane: but it's fun being able to exchange links and stuff

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:56:47.0 to 2006-07-29 16:57:16.0

29 Jul, 16:56:47 PDT> sassymonkey: jeneane - start a thread in the forum

29 Jul, 16:56:49 PDT> e: and i think they must be connected in there somehow

29 Jul, 16:56:50 PDT> jeneane: ONe denise-like chatter in each sssion

29 Jul, 16:56:55 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: exactly.

29 Jul, 16:57:04 PDT> sassymonkey: but it's fair to note that people have been having a lot of connection issues.

29 Jul, 16:57:09 PDT> e: i was serious about this being a freelance gig for her.

29 Jul, 16:57:09 PDT> jeneane: we could scroll down and visit different sessions

29 Jul, 16:57:12 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i would have loved to be in lisa stone's writing session, but there was no chat yesterday.

29 Jul, 16:57:13 PDT> jeneane: man that woudl be COOL

29 Jul, 16:57:16 PDT> e: and for others?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:56:11.0 to 2006-07-29 16:56:47.0

29 Jul, 16:56:11 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: like that.

29 Jul, 16:56:16 PDT> e: four different...?

29 Jul, 16:56:22 PDT> jeneane: chat windows on this page

29 Jul, 16:56:24 PDT> jeneane: one for each session

29 Jul, 16:56:25 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: a chat for each session.

29 Jul, 16:56:26 PDT> jeneane: would be good

29 Jul, 16:56:34 PDT> jeneane: with a dedicated blogger there in each window

29 Jul, 16:56:36 PDT> e: she only has two hands

29 Jul, 16:56:36 PDT> jeneane: WOULD ROCK

29 Jul, 16:56:47 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: because check it out, there aren't really that many of us it seems manageable.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:55:46.0 to 2006-07-29 16:56:09.0

29 Jul, 16:55:46 PDT> jeneane: we could put a kitty together.

29 Jul, 16:55:47 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it would really be great if this was happening in all the sessions.

29 Jul, 16:55:48 PDT> jeneane: denise kitty

29 Jul, 16:55:55 PDT> jeneane: AMEN

29 Jul, 16:55:59 PDT> jeneane: Four different chat windows

29 Jul, 16:56:00 PDT> e: she says she's liveblogging somewhere but i still can't find it.

29 Jul, 16:56:01 PDT> e: i'm in

29 Jul, 16:56:01 PDT> sassymonkey: if you really want her to do it send starbucks cards. ;)

29 Jul, 16:56:03 PDT> jeneane: FOUR different denises

29 Jul, 16:56:09 PDT> jeneane: k

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:55:10.0 to 2006-07-29 16:55:45.0

29 Jul, 16:55:10 PDT> e: oh god, i missed the fabulous denise. is she coming back?

29 Jul, 16:55:18 PDT> e: is she doing the final keynote?

29 Jul, 16:55:21 PDT> jeneane: anyone else live at blogher? I MISS DENISE!!!!

29 Jul, 16:55:23 PDT> e: can we pay her?

29 Jul, 16:55:28 PDT> jeneane: WE NEED TO HIRE DENISE TO DO THIS NEXT YEAR or something.

29 Jul, 16:55:33 PDT> ARJ: Thanks Denise!

29 Jul, 16:55:35 PDT> sassymonkey: lol. i don't know but i'll let her know you offered

29 Jul, 16:55:35 PDT> jeneane: She's like a stenographer in the know

29 Jul, 16:55:37 PDT> e: i've been trying to connect to liz henry, but we keep passing

29 Jul, 16:55:45 PDT> ARJ: Oops, too late.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:54:28.0 to 2006-07-29 16:54:45.0

29 Jul, 16:54:28 PDT> Denise: all done

29 Jul, 16:54:28 PDT> sassymonkey: ohhh i LIKE myriam. lol

29 Jul, 16:54:30 PDT> Denise: clapping

29 Jul, 16:54:37 PDT> Denise: I'm done and need to go buy cigarettes

29 Jul, 16:54:38 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: clapping for denise!

29 Jul, 16:54:39 PDT> Denise: by ya'll

29 Jul, 16:54:43 PDT> jeneane: WE LOVE DENISE!!!

29 Jul, 16:54:44 PDT> sassymonkey: thanks denise.

29 Jul, 16:54:45 PDT> e: like i'm looking for a job in the school system, so i can't really talk about that (@*^(*&$ process

29 Jul, 16:54:45 PDT> bitcolorine: thanks!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:53:57.0 to 2006-07-29 16:54:25.0

29 Jul, 16:53:57 PDT> Denise: annie mole says be careful of very personal stuff

29 Jul, 16:54:03 PDT> jeneane: FROM won't matter in court

29 Jul, 16:54:08 PDT> Denise: the internet has a horrible habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it

29 Jul, 16:54:13 PDT> sassymonkey: powerful...but sometimes difficult

29 Jul, 16:54:17 PDT> bitcolorine: definitely

29 Jul, 16:54:19 PDT> Denise: myriam thinks naked people aren't attractive, lingerie is

29 Jul, 16:54:22 PDT> jeneane: FROM, FROM, FROM the pain, joy, terror

29 Jul, 16:54:24 PDT> bitcolorine: the internet has "forever memory"

29 Jul, 16:54:25 PDT> Denise: so blog with lingerie instead

29 Jul, 16:54:25 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: lol

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:41:27.0 to 2006-07-29 16:42:45.0

29 Jul, 16:41:27 PDT> Denise: she thinks making a short objective post works and then the readers can take over

29 Jul, 16:41:42 PDT> Denise: as long as you haven't primed them too much on how to think

29 Jul, 16:41:51 PDT> Denise: they will respond

29 Jul, 16:42:28 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (would y'all mind posting your own blog links? i'd love to see who you are.)

29 Jul, 16:42:41 PDT> e:

29 Jul, 16:42:45 PDT> bitcolorine:

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:41:00.0 to 2006-07-29 16:41:26.0

29 Jul, 16:41:00 PDT> e: morning!

29 Jul, 16:41:01 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: good afternoon from seattle.

29 Jul, 16:41:06 PDT> Denise: she knew everyone was going to do a 1 year retrospective

29 Jul, 16:41:07 PDT> jeneane: Denise is live chatting from the session

29 Jul, 16:41:07 PDT> e: we're watching denise liveblog the session

29 Jul, 16:41:10 PDT> sassymonkey: hi. :)

29 Jul, 16:41:15 PDT> Denise: but she didn't, she opened it up to the readers to voice their thoughts

29 Jul, 16:41:16 PDT> Denise: instead

29 Jul, 16:41:19 PDT> jeneane: Denise rocks

29 Jul, 16:41:26 PDT> ARJ: Excellent.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:40:24.0 to 2006-07-29 16:41:00.0

29 Jul, 16:40:24 PDT> jeneane: and grandmother?

29 Jul, 16:40:29 PDT> Denise: annie mole.... because she doesn't blog personally

29 Jul, 16:40:33 PDT> Denise: (suicides was lauren)

29 Jul, 16:40:37 PDT> jeneane: ah

29 Jul, 16:40:38 PDT> jeneane: ok

29 Jul, 16:40:48 PDT> Denise: she did blog about the guy who was shot by police because they thought he was a terrorist

29 Jul, 16:40:49 PDT> ARJ: Good morning from Sydney.

29 Jul, 16:40:53 PDT> jeneane: (hey andrea!)

29 Jul, 16:40:55 PDT> Denise: but she tries to stay back

29 Jul, 16:41:00 PDT> jeneane: my blogsister compadre!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:39:25.0 to 2006-07-29 16:40:21.0

29 Jul, 16:39:25 PDT> Denise: when hre grandmother died, she felt free to talk about it

29 Jul, 16:39:40 PDT> Denise: she deleted the whole blog and doesn't have that post and wishes she had kept it

29 Jul, 16:39:47 PDT> jeneane: whw

29 Jul, 16:39:48 PDT> Denise: she will turn off the comments altogether on these topics

29 Jul, 16:39:52 PDT> jeneane: i mean whoa

29 Jul, 16:39:59 PDT> jeneane: who is this--maryam?

29 Jul, 16:40:03 PDT> Denise: trying to address it in a way where you can say it

29 Jul, 16:40:05 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: always, always, always make backups.

29 Jul, 16:40:08 PDT> Denise: myriam is scoble's wife

29 Jul, 16:40:21 PDT> jeneane: yep--is she the one talking about the suicides?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:37:49.0 to 2006-07-29 16:39:18.0

29 Jul, 16:37:49 PDT> Denise: myriam says step parenting is the elephant not to write about

29 Jul, 16:37:50 PDT> jeneane: see shelley

29 Jul, 16:38:02 PDT> Denise: she loves patrick but she has to think about how this would imprint on his soul or emotions

29 Jul, 16:38:09 PDT> Denise: and knowing everyone reads this

29 Jul, 16:38:23 PDT> Denise: when she does write about patrick she gets support

29 Jul, 16:38:30 PDT> Denise: she thinks the suicide post will bring support

29 Jul, 16:38:42 PDT> Denise: lauren says there were some things that she wrote that were hard

29 Jul, 16:38:45 PDT> jeneane: this is how you write about it -

29 Jul, 16:38:59 PDT> Denise: and if her readers were local she isn't sure how she would have changed things

29 Jul, 16:39:18 PDT> Denise: she wrote about suicide, comments off, and how it effected her circle of friends then two other suicides, she didn't talk about

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:36:58.0 to 2006-07-29 16:37:37.0

29 Jul, 16:36:58 PDT> Denise: whose name I can't remember

29 Jul, 16:36:58 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i use rss to see what's been updated, but i still click through to read the blog. reading IN rss is boring.

29 Jul, 16:37:05 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (hey, I went to san jose state!)

29 Jul, 16:37:05 PDT> Denise: someone committed suicide

29 Jul, 16:37:21 PDT> Denise: and nobody mentioned it at her funeral and there's whispering but no conversation

29 Jul, 16:37:24 PDT> Denise: no transparency

29 Jul, 16:37:31 PDT> e: hey, that's out of bounds

29 Jul, 16:37:31 PDT> jeneane: Meg

29 Jul, 16:37:34 PDT> Denise: he's about to write a our friend commited suicide post

29 Jul, 16:37:37 PDT> Denise: how do you write about that

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:35:12.0 to 2006-07-29 16:36:54.0

29 Jul, 16:35:12 PDT> Denise: she talks about blogging and podcasting

29 Jul, 16:35:23 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: she is a super genius.

29 Jul, 16:35:25 PDT> Denise: she is suggesting people to read via RSS

29 Jul, 16:35:49 PDT> e: so much for art. again.

29 Jul, 16:36:03 PDT> Denise: to read

29 Jul, 16:36:13 PDT> bitcolorine: I agree about RSS i can't stand billboard blogs.. that have so many ads that it feels like pollution.

29 Jul, 16:36:33 PDT> Denise: she doesn't want us to use quizzes when we don't feel like really blogging

29 Jul, 16:36:34 PDT> bitcolorine: (not that I'm against ads.. but too many are distracting)

29 Jul, 16:36:44 PDT> Denise: she would rather wait with her RSS for us to blog what we really want

29 Jul, 16:36:54 PDT> Denise: this is a san jose state college professor talking

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:33:39.0 to 2006-07-29 16:35:05.0

29 Jul, 16:33:39 PDT> jeneane: fascinating

29 Jul, 16:34:00 PDT> e: ('splain me later...)

29 Jul, 16:34:27 PDT> jeneane: i think it goes tourist/travel -> jewish -> Rubel -> Edelman

29 Jul, 16:34:38 PDT> e: gee

29 Jul, 16:34:40 PDT> e: hee

29 Jul, 16:34:41 PDT> Denise: clapping audience

29 Jul, 16:34:45 PDT> jeneane: blogging's webs

29 Jul, 16:34:47 PDT> Denise: nicole is talking now

29 Jul, 16:34:58 PDT> Denise: she is getting how germany reacts on topics

29 Jul, 16:35:05 PDT> Denise: and she doesn't know cause she doesn't blog about politics

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:32:25.0 to 2006-07-29 16:33:13.0

29 Jul, 16:32:25 PDT> Denise: she's edelman also

29 Jul, 16:32:28 PDT> Denise: working with rubel

29 Jul, 16:32:34 PDT> Denise: by writing this travel blog

29 Jul, 16:32:40 PDT> Denise: and all she wanted was to be a jew

29 Jul, 16:32:50 PDT> Denise: so she started as travel blog

29 Jul, 16:32:51 PDT> e: accidental tourist?

29 Jul, 16:32:54 PDT> e: i'm lost

29 Jul, 16:32:55 PDT> Denise: then her conversion to judaism

29 Jul, 16:33:00 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 16:33:13 PDT> Denise: then that caused her to go to politics which led to working with rubel at edelman

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:31:12.0 to 2006-07-29 16:32:12.0

29 Jul, 16:31:12 PDT> e: i think writing because you can't help it is an ideal, though...

29 Jul, 16:31:44 PDT> Denise: it use to be a travel blog

29 Jul, 16:31:46 PDT> jeneane: maryam scoble =

29 Jul, 16:31:46 PDT> Denise: then it was about conversion

29 Jul, 16:31:50 PDT> Denise: now she's a political blogger

29 Jul, 16:31:55 PDT> Denise: and she is crying folks

29 Jul, 16:32:01 PDT> jeneane: who?

29 Jul, 16:32:07 PDT> Denise: her mom's friends yell at her cause she became a jew

29 Jul, 16:32:10 PDT> e: man is a political blogger--aristotle

29 Jul, 16:32:12 PDT> Denise: accidentally jewish

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:29:49.0 to 2006-07-29 16:30:42.0

29 Jul, 16:29:49 PDT> jeneane: (i forgot)

29 Jul, 16:29:49 PDT> Denise: and then are you being dishonest

29 Jul, 16:29:58 PDT> e: scheherizade

29 Jul, 16:30:01 PDT> bitcolorine: that's so true. Whenever I feel too concious that I'm being read I get scared and go on hiatus or something..

29 Jul, 16:30:02 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: does she write to entertain her readers or for some other reason. coz if you're writing to entertain, then you have to worry about being interesting. if you write because you can't help it, then interesting is a total sideline.

29 Jul, 16:30:04 PDT> Denise: robert wants to know about competitiveness

29 Jul, 16:30:18 PDT> Denise: robert writes a story before myriam can get a chance to write about a topic

29 Jul, 16:30:25 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (i didn't raise my hand.)

29 Jul, 16:30:26 PDT> Denise: myriam says this is how interesting their lives are

29 Jul, 16:30:42 PDT> jeneane: ;-)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:29:00.0 to 2006-07-29 16:29:42.0

29 Jul, 16:29:00 PDT> Denise: the first day she blogged myriam was linked by winer

29 Jul, 16:29:04 PDT> Denise: she got 3k hits

29 Jul, 16:29:14 PDT> sassymonkey: oh that would be scary

29 Jul, 16:29:16 PDT> Denise: so what if they come and they hate me what if they like what they see? how do I keep being interesting

29 Jul, 16:29:19 PDT> Denise: day after day

29 Jul, 16:29:24 PDT> Denise: do something funny robert or patrick

29 Jul, 16:29:28 PDT> Denise: so I can write about it

29 Jul, 16:29:29 PDT> jeneane: (get blogads quick!)

29 Jul, 16:29:40 PDT> jeneane: (short sheet the bed)

29 Jul, 16:29:42 PDT> Denise: she's on msn spaces lol

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:28:04.0 to 2006-07-29 16:28:51.0

29 Jul, 16:28:04 PDT> Denise: and it was cool but by then she was done worrying and it was like "now what"

29 Jul, 16:28:05 PDT> sassymonkey: liveblogging a conference about blogging even. ;)(

29 Jul, 16:28:06 PDT> e: (denise is AMAZING)

29 Jul, 16:28:12 PDT> Denise: and her comments weren't bigger or anything

29 Jul, 16:28:17 PDT> Denise: so it was like invisible growth

29 Jul, 16:28:32 PDT> Denise: but then she realized there was this visiblity that she hadn't considered

29 Jul, 16:28:38 PDT> Denise: and she felt exposed and started to pull back

29 Jul, 16:28:45 PDT> Denise: (and now she's gone and hiding)

29 Jul, 16:28:49 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i wonder if it's because instead of thinking about who's reading, she was focusing on her own writing.

29 Jul, 16:28:51 PDT> Denise: myriam says it is the pressure of staying interesting

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:27:10.0 to 2006-07-29 16:27:52.0

29 Jul, 16:27:10 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 16:27:12 PDT> Denise: and use search engines

29 Jul, 16:27:16 PDT> Denise: and prove the assholes wrong

29 Jul, 16:27:16 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: lol, jeneane.

29 Jul, 16:27:21 PDT> Denise: they got obsessive and she got sick of it

29 Jul, 16:27:28 PDT> Denise: she can't even do math and she was like whatever

29 Jul, 16:27:35 PDT> Denise: so she took her truth laid bear thing and all stats

29 Jul, 16:27:48 PDT> Denise: and it was a relief and then someone emailed her later and said you're in the top 100

29 Jul, 16:27:48 PDT> bitcolorine: wow, this is the height of multitasking! Liveblogging a conference...

29 Jul, 16:27:52 PDT> Denise: and she didn't believe it

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:26:18.0 to 2006-07-29 16:27:08.0

29 Jul, 16:26:18 PDT> Denise: jory is talking about popularity and the pressure of it

29 Jul, 16:26:39 PDT> jeneane: (i'm glad i'm not popular!)

29 Jul, 16:26:41 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (yes, the pressure! the popularity! how it wears me down! ha.)

29 Jul, 16:26:43 PDT> jeneane: ;-)

29 Jul, 16:26:49 PDT> sassymonkey: (i've been been popular in my life, lol)

29 Jul, 16:26:54 PDT> Denise: lauren she was really sick of the all of the where are the women bloggers

29 Jul, 16:26:54 PDT> jeneane: I play with my sitemeter

29 Jul, 16:27:03 PDT> jeneane: when i start getting too many hits, I don't blog for a while

29 Jul, 16:27:07 PDT> jeneane: that's how i handle popularity

29 Jul, 16:27:08 PDT> jeneane: ;-)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:25:20.0 to 2006-07-29 16:26:15.0

29 Jul, 16:25:20 PDT> Denise: it was good for her to get all of the positie comments

29 Jul, 16:25:31 PDT> sassymonkey: (possible...also possibly a way to disassociate)

29 Jul, 16:25:35 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: not to trivialize - i agree, it was CRITICAL to share what something so historic was like.

29 Jul, 16:25:43 PDT> e: of course

29 Jul, 16:25:51 PDT> jeneane: amen

29 Jul, 16:25:53 PDT> Denise: from all over the world who appreciaated knowing information and having support for being so far away and caring

29 Jul, 16:26:01 PDT> Denise: her readers send hre prizes to give away in her quizzes and stuff(which I think is excellent)

29 Jul, 16:26:02 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: but sometimes, when something happens, you just talk about it until you get to the end of your words.

29 Jul, 16:26:14 PDT> e: i have a 9/11 story re that--later

29 Jul, 16:26:15 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (i like prizes!)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:24:00.0 to 2006-07-29 16:25:19.0

29 Jul, 16:24:00 PDT> Denise: this new experiment of her is sort of troubling, what will they think when they find out she's been ou tthere amongst them

29 Jul, 16:24:01 PDT> Denise: as a man

29 Jul, 16:24:04 PDT> jeneane: (unconditional readership)

29 Jul, 16:24:12 PDT> Denise: annie mole feels like she has a responsiblity to the readers

29 Jul, 16:24:23 PDT> Denise: and she had a responsiblity to blog about the london bombings

29 Jul, 16:24:30 PDT> Denise: she blogged every half hour

29 Jul, 16:24:34 PDT> Denise: and she was exhausted

29 Jul, 16:24:50 PDT> jeneane:

29 Jul, 16:24:55 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (waving hand around again. i wonder if it was her way of working through it.)

29 Jul, 16:25:19 PDT> e: whatever works

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:23:09.0 to 2006-07-29 16:23:58.0

29 Jul, 16:23:09 PDT> jeneane: hey there

29 Jul, 16:23:10 PDT> Denise: her readers have done so much for her

29 Jul, 16:23:17 PDT> jeneane: denise has done so much for us!

29 Jul, 16:23:17 PDT> e: (hey, jeneane, denise is at it again!)

29 Jul, 16:23:24 PDT> Denise: she had a sick cat, and her readers donated 200 for her cat vet bills

29 Jul, 16:23:31 PDT> Denise: (and of course they sent her to blogher FYI)

29 Jul, 16:23:37 PDT> Denise: so she feels huge responsibility

29 Jul, 16:23:39 PDT> jeneane: (amazing--go denise!)

29 Jul, 16:23:42 PDT> Denise: they don't ask her for anything

29 Jul, 16:23:58 PDT> e: (nerd is playing the links for us)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:22:18.0 to 2006-07-29 16:23:03.0

29 Jul, 16:22:18 PDT> e: it's all about the comments!

29 Jul, 16:22:19 PDT> Denise: myriam responds to all comments unless they are nasty then she deletes them

29 Jul, 16:22:19 PDT> sassymonkey: (oh my..that's a big question)

29 Jul, 16:22:24 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 16:22:54 PDT> Denise: myriam feels like if people went to all the trouble to log into msn spaces and comment then she feels the responsiblity to reply

29 Jul, 16:22:57 PDT> Denise: lauren feels responsible

29 Jul, 16:22:59 PDT> Denise: to her readers

29 Jul, 16:23:02 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: man, that's huge.

29 Jul, 16:23:03 PDT> Denise: cause they've done so much for her

29 Jul, 16:23:03 PDT> sassymonkey: hi jeneane

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:21:00.0 to 2006-07-29 16:22:04.0

29 Jul, 16:21:00 PDT> Denise: she just can't maintain comments

29 Jul, 16:21:04 PDT> Denise: she would rather blog about it

29 Jul, 16:21:11 PDT> Denise: if there's something she writes that you hate she wants you to blog it

29 Jul, 16:21:11 PDT> bitcolorine: thx.

29 Jul, 16:21:29 PDT> e: i've been meaning to say, great linx, nerd!

29 Jul, 16:21:38 PDT> Denise: sometimes comments make it easy for you to say wahwah wah

29 Jul, 16:21:42 PDT> Denise: and it makes people lazy

29 Jul, 16:21:47 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (you are welcome. just trying to help the marvelous denise)

29 Jul, 16:21:49 PDT> Denise: so she's an anti comment person

29 Jul, 16:22:04 PDT> Denise: jory wants to know about where the panelists feel about comments

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:11:07.0 to 2006-07-29 16:12:05.0

29 Jul, 16:11:07 PDT> Denise: lauren says it was her view if she was going to share and be treated with respect then she would expect her commenters would be treated as such but it's a fine line when you're censoring

29 Jul, 16:11:10 PDT> Denise: people

29 Jul, 16:11:23 PDT> Denise: it is difficult to know what to do, this is annie mole, she lets people comment openly

29 Jul, 16:11:55 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it's your party, you can throw people out if you want to. if they're not behaving, why would you think twice about letting them particpate?

29 Jul, 16:12:00 PDT> Denise: she feels if people are getting really argumentative she'll stop it

29 Jul, 16:12:05 PDT> Denise: but mostly she lets them get on with it

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:09:41.0 to 2006-07-29 16:10:25.0

29 Jul, 16:09:41 PDT> Denise: melissa ghira

29 Jul, 16:09:47 PDT> Denise: sacred whore

29 Jul, 16:09:49 PDT> Denise: safe spaces

29 Jul, 16:09:55 PDT> e: it's the last session, about authenticity

29 Jul, 16:09:55 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: makes sense, denise, sassy.

29 Jul, 16:10:00 PDT> Denise: we have a responsibility to our readers to create a safe space in our comments

29 Jul, 16:10:14 PDT> Denise: she has some distaste for the term

29 Jul, 16:10:19 PDT> Denise: safe space

29 Jul, 16:10:24 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (so do i)

29 Jul, 16:10:25 PDT> Denise: due to rape and crisis areas

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:08:26.0 to 2006-07-29 16:09:38.0

29 Jul, 16:08:26 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 16:08:27 PDT> Denise: and what her audience felt

29 Jul, 16:08:41 PDT> Denise: the most people don't care one way or the other as long as she keeps writing about things she really needs to write about

29 Jul, 16:08:50 PDT> Denise: so she thought she'd start a personal blog

29 Jul, 16:08:57 PDT> Denise: but she wrote 4 posts and burnt out

29 Jul, 16:08:58 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: has anyone asked WHY she needed to out it?

29 Jul, 16:09:03 PDT> Denise: and realized that wasn't what she wanted to write about

29 Jul, 16:09:31 PDT> sassymonkey: cause sometimes you just gotta say things. because to not to say it makes it something to hide...a lie by omission almost

29 Jul, 16:09:32 PDT> Denise: (I know why, because it's who she is and in order to be naked, she wanted to be honest. have you read her posts about it from last year?)

29 Jul, 16:09:38 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: no, should i?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:07:11.0 to 2006-07-29 16:08:22.0

29 Jul, 16:07:11 PDT> Denise: savage and ann coulter

29 Jul, 16:07:19 PDT> Denise: let's not blame things that are outside on blogging and the internet

29 Jul, 16:07:25 PDT> Denise: I don't think you can be anonymous and naked

29 Jul, 16:07:31 PDT> Denise: and I think that's what lauren is grabbling with

29 Jul, 16:07:38 PDT> Denise: amy gahran

29 Jul, 16:07:41 PDT> Denise: is up now

29 Jul, 16:07:48 PDT> sassymonkey: i'd buy that. there'll always be someone who will be ready to out you

29 Jul, 16:07:55 PDT> Denise: naked session last year I disclosed that I was polyamourous

29 Jul, 16:08:14 PDT> Denise: everyone is cool with that except some of her colleagues who said she was commiting professional suicide

29 Jul, 16:08:22 PDT> Denise: so she did a survey on her blog about the limits

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:05:36.0 to 2006-07-29 16:07:07.0

29 Jul, 16:05:36 PDT> sassymonkey: denise is live blogging the blogging naked session

29 Jul, 16:05:37 PDT> e: the current session on "getting naked"

29 Jul, 16:05:43 PDT> cb: ah. thank you.

29 Jul, 16:05:48 PDT> Denise: there's pressure to keep blogigng, when you are reading other blogs and you feel pressured because I can't do it like julie lueng or robert or awesome people

29 Jul, 16:05:49 PDT> e: revealing oneself in one's blog

29 Jul, 16:06:22 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: have they talked about writing about OTHERS in one's blogs?

29 Jul, 16:06:31 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i mean, check out neil and sophia, right?

29 Jul, 16:06:42 PDT> e: a little bit, somewhere, about pseudonyms and outing and such

29 Jul, 16:06:50 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 16:07:07 PDT> Denise: social disinhibition aren't about the internet

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:04:23.0 to 2006-07-29 16:05:20.0

29 Jul, 16:04:23 PDT> Denise: what happened to her, when she goes through that, she gets people who ask her when she's gonna blog again if she's blocked

29 Jul, 16:04:35 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ay yi yi!

29 Jul, 16:04:39 PDT> Denise: if you can leave it alone for a week or a few days you are more refreshed and the commenters are spurring you on

29 Jul, 16:04:40 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i bet she hopes not!

29 Jul, 16:04:44 PDT> Denise: they don't want you to go away

29 Jul, 16:04:58 PDT> Denise: just take a break, the readers will be there and come back with renewed interest

29 Jul, 16:05:05 PDT> e: i have written to silent bloggers tomake sure they're okay

29 Jul, 16:05:09 PDT> Denise: myriam is addicted to jokes and quizzes for burn out

29 Jul, 16:05:13 PDT> sassymonkey: me too e

29 Jul, 16:05:20 PDT> gabber525: Just coming in...What are you discussing?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:03:29.0 to 2006-07-29 16:04:04.0

29 Jul, 16:03:29 PDT> sassymonkey: come across even

29 Jul, 16:03:30 PDT> Denise: (ya'll should post your comments and questions on the blogher topic post for this, and mayb these women will come address them later)

29 Jul, 16:03:30 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: sassy, what you said.

29 Jul, 16:03:41 PDT> Denise: annie mole - the underground bombing got her over her writers block

29 Jul, 16:03:48 PDT> Denise: which is horrible but that did it

29 Jul, 16:03:52 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: wow, talk about an extreme method.

29 Jul, 16:03:56 PDT> Denise: before that she wasn't sure of her responsibility to her audience

29 Jul, 16:04:00 PDT> sassymonkey: nerd i could lecture about tone for hours. lol

29 Jul, 16:04:01 PDT> Denise: she felt like she had to blog everyday

29 Jul, 16:04:04 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: usually, i just go do something.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:02:01.0 to 2006-07-29 16:03:22.0

29 Jul, 16:02:01 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: heh. guess my readership is still to small. i'm still an optimist. :)

29 Jul, 16:02:05 PDT> Denise: and people would just talk and she could step back

29 Jul, 16:02:13 PDT> sassymonkey: lol. i'm small too but i've seen it happen

29 Jul, 16:02:26 PDT> e: if you get decent readership, you become a target

29 Jul, 16:02:27 PDT> Denise: she had to pull back and not be emotionally invested in it

29 Jul, 16:02:31 PDT> Denise: just hypermonitoring she had to stop looking at stats

29 Jul, 16:02:39 PDT> Denise: she took blogrolls down

29 Jul, 16:02:44 PDT> Denise: and she felt freeer and more able to blog

29 Jul, 16:02:48 PDT> Denise: and oddly more people showed up

29 Jul, 16:03:22 PDT> sassymonkey: people react to tone - feel freer, some across freer

Transcript from 2006-07-29 16:01:01.0 to 2006-07-29 16:01:58.0

29 Jul, 16:01:01 PDT> Denise: so she was torn

29 Jul, 16:01:13 PDT> e: does anybody really read any of those as anything other than pure advertising anway, really?

29 Jul, 16:01:22 PDT> Denise: when you modify content for your audience, how does that effect your writing, especially anonymous blogging

29 Jul, 16:01:29 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: dammit, my hand is flying up again. WHY would you assume you are going to be attacked?

29 Jul, 16:01:42 PDT> e: experience?

29 Jul, 16:01:45 PDT> Denise: writers block, burnout --- lauren first --- generally what she would do is just post quizzes

29 Jul, 16:01:47 PDT> Denise: one line stories

29 Jul, 16:01:47 PDT> sassymonkey: you get enough readers people start attacking you.

29 Jul, 16:01:51 PDT> Denise: that will keep it going

29 Jul, 16:01:58 PDT> Denise: that girl from underworld movie

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:59:17.0 to 2006-07-29 16:00:55.0

29 Jul, 15:59:17 PDT> Denise: but she has to blog about product or problems, she has freedom but she's careful.

29 Jul, 15:59:29 PDT> Denise: heather is speaking

29 Jul, 15:59:30 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (see what denise just said)

29 Jul, 15:59:31 PDT> e: i'm expecting it would be the latter, or maybe to explain her kind of readers to their kind of readers

29 Jul, 15:59:42 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: she has to blog about product or problems, she has freedom but she's careful.

29 Jul, 15:59:53 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (that was jory, i think)

29 Jul, 16:00:10 PDT> e: which she?

29 Jul, 16:00:17 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: jory in her yahoo blog.

29 Jul, 16:00:26 PDT> e: oh,m i was answering the WSJ one

29 Jul, 16:00:55 PDT> Denise: wow if I write from my authentic self I'm going to be attacked personally

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:58:04.0 to 2006-07-29 15:59:00.0

29 Jul, 15:58:04 PDT> Denise: in terms of flames and comments, when I had my first negative comments I got really personally offended

29 Jul, 15:58:07 PDT> e: it's more like to keep th client

29 Jul, 15:58:09 PDT> Denise: how dare you disagree with me

29 Jul, 15:58:19 PDT> Denise: now I welcome the disagreement

29 Jul, 15:58:31 PDT> Denise: what about yahoo, jory is asking

29 Jul, 15:58:35 PDT> Denise: she blogs for yahoo as herself

29 Jul, 15:58:39 PDT> Denise: there isn't this tension

29 Jul, 15:58:41 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: tragically, they're beholden to their advertisers and their readers. i'd be curious about the terms of her contract. did they bring her in to blog as her? did they bring her in to attract more of her types of readers?

29 Jul, 15:58:44 PDT> Denise: yahoo knows she has her own blog

29 Jul, 15:59:00 PDT> Denise: she tries to sometimes put a human voice into it

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:56:55.0 to 2006-07-29 15:57:45.0

29 Jul, 15:56:55 PDT> Denise: don't say anything that you wouldn't say to their face

29 Jul, 15:57:05 PDT> Denise: annie mole is answering

29 Jul, 15:57:12 PDT> e: yeah, but there are lotsa diferent faces there

29 Jul, 15:57:12 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: e, if you're writing to attract, that's one thing, if you're in the employ of something like the WSJ, that's something else.

29 Jul, 15:57:20 PDT> Denise: I know a lot of the london underground folks read her blog so she is careful, she has a duty to be honest

29 Jul, 15:57:27 PDT> Denise: she isn't ever libelous

29 Jul, 15:57:35 PDT> Denise: she believes what shesays is a fair comment

29 Jul, 15:57:37 PDT> e: the question there was, what will you do or not d in order to attract

29 Jul, 15:57:44 PDT> sassymonkey: nerd i got the impression that the wsj chose her based on what was already there...why change what worked to attract their attention?

29 Jul, 15:57:45 PDT> Denise: the london underground has never asked her to take something off

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:56:16.0 to 2006-07-29 15:56:52.0

29 Jul, 15:56:16 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: e, you mean, the commercial venture thing?

29 Jul, 15:56:24 PDT> e: that was the context

29 Jul, 15:56:27 PDT> Denise: and she kept it where her mom could read her

29 Jul, 15:56:32 PDT> Denise: but she likes a good flame war

29 Jul, 15:56:35 PDT> Denise: cause it stirs thing up

29 Jul, 15:56:38 PDT> e: but it was the appropriate subject matter i meant

29 Jul, 15:56:39 PDT> Denise: (I agree with her)

29 Jul, 15:56:43 PDT> Denise: lauren says leave people's kids out

29 Jul, 15:56:47 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (denise, keep going)

29 Jul, 15:56:52 PDT> sassymonkey: (i know you do)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:55:11.0 to 2006-07-29 15:56:12.0

29 Jul, 15:55:11 PDT> sassymonkey: it is

29 Jul, 15:55:13 PDT> Denise: what about people who share behavior that isn't socially ok

29 Jul, 15:55:28 PDT> e: this came up recently among friends of mine

29 Jul, 15:55:29 PDT> Denise: where do you draw the line between amking sure you are honest but also being socially responsible

29 Jul, 15:55:35 PDT> e: with divergence of opinion

29 Jul, 15:55:44 PDT> Denise: myriam 15 year old niece and 70 year old fil read her blogs

29 Jul, 15:55:53 PDT> Denise: she won't write anything she wont' tell them face to face

29 Jul, 15:55:55 PDT> e: what was appropriate to attract the mommy marketers, etc

29 Jul, 15:56:06 PDT> Denise: she's out there but she won't blog what she won't say in her living room or in someone else's living room

29 Jul, 15:56:12 PDT> Denise: lauren's mom use to read feministe

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:54:30.0 to 2006-07-29 15:55:02.0

29 Jul, 15:54:30 PDT> Denise: but then I said YES i want to lose the people who aren't finding what they want and get the people who want what I've got to give

29 Jul, 15:54:33 PDT> Denise: another question

29 Jul, 15:54:35 PDT> Denise: kathy brooks

29 Jul, 15:54:35 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: thanks for your indulgence.

29 Jul, 15:54:42 PDT> Denise: guidewire connection podcast

29 Jul, 15:54:45 PDT> Denise: eye of innovation

29 Jul, 15:54:52 PDT> Denise: transparency is great

29 Jul, 15:54:55 PDT> e: good questions

29 Jul, 15:54:56 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i want to lose the people who aren't finding what they want and get the people who want what I've got to give - that is very good.

29 Jul, 15:55:02 PDT> Denise: be honest but what about the social dishinibition

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:53:33.0 to 2006-07-29 15:54:14.0

29 Jul, 15:53:33 PDT> Denise: lol (not necessarily that's a debateable issue)

29 Jul, 15:53:39 PDT> e: no, no

29 Jul, 15:53:43 PDT> Denise: some woman said she didn't like reading personal chaatter

29 Jul, 15:53:53 PDT> Denise: but she thinks that's wrong you need to do what's right for you

29 Jul, 15:53:59 PDT> Denise: strip naked if that's what you need to do

29 Jul, 15:54:03 PDT> Denise: that's what blogging is about

29 Jul, 15:54:07 PDT> sassymonkey: dont' worry nerd's - it's a chat room. we're supposed to interupt

29 Jul, 15:54:08 PDT> Denise: I had three people unsubscribe

29 Jul, 15:54:11 PDT> Denise: last night

29 Jul, 15:54:14 PDT> Denise: and at first I was upset

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:52:53.0 to 2006-07-29 15:53:31.0

29 Jul, 15:52:53 PDT> sassymonkey: (smart dad)

29 Jul, 15:52:56 PDT> Denise: the WSJ picked me because of who I am and write about

29 Jul, 15:53:01 PDT> Denise: not because I'm an expert in business

29 Jul, 15:53:01 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ooo! ooo! mr. kotter! ooo!

29 Jul, 15:53:08 PDT> Denise: I even apologized to my readers

29 Jul, 15:53:11 PDT> Denise: and I'm back to being me

29 Jul, 15:53:17 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: writing for commercial enterprises is DIFFERENT than writing for yourself.

29 Jul, 15:53:17 PDT> Denise: now I'm in another in a transition

29 Jul, 15:53:23 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ARGH.

29 Jul, 15:53:31 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i might have to sign out if i can't stop interupting.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:51:46.0 to 2006-07-29 15:52:41.0

29 Jul, 15:51:46 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: but it won't stop me from waving.

29 Jul, 15:51:48 PDT> Denise: missed something she said, sorry

29 Jul, 15:51:53 PDT> Denise: its not about your stuff blog

29 Jul, 15:52:01 PDT> Denise: about clutter, why you have clutter

29 Jul, 15:52:05 PDT> Denise: (this is the woman speaking now)

29 Jul, 15:52:12 PDT> Denise: wall street journal was gonna include her in blogwatch

29 Jul, 15:52:28 PDT> Denise: so people said she had to start posting things that would appeal to people who read WSJ

29 Jul, 15:52:34 PDT> Denise: so she went out and tried to change her content

29 Jul, 15:52:36 PDT> Denise: her father

29 Jul, 15:52:41 PDT> Denise: called her and said what are you doing, this isn't you

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:50:25.0 to 2006-07-29 15:51:39.0

29 Jul, 15:50:25 PDT> Denise: lauren says feministe was blogging about her personal life and how politics was reflected in that

29 Jul, 15:50:29 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: waving hand around again, furiously.

29 Jul, 15:50:40 PDT> Denise: very early on I took the point of view that you trust the univers or you don't

29 Jul, 15:50:43 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: blogging is an inherantly public media.

29 Jul, 15:50:54 PDT> Denise: there were things that happened that were not good

29 Jul, 15:51:00 PDT> Denise: but mostly I got community, people I could talk to

29 Jul, 15:51:06 PDT> Denise: link up to people I never would have met before

29 Jul, 15:51:12 PDT> Denise: and walk away feeling a better fuller person

29 Jul, 15:51:29 PDT> Denise: (there are a hundred hands in the air, lol I don't think jory will come back lol)

29 Jul, 15:51:39 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: yeah, i figured that.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:48:27.0 to 2006-07-29 15:50:10.0

29 Jul, 15:48:27 PDT> Denise: or is it not about keeping your audience

29 Jul, 15:48:34 PDT> Denise: body impolitic is talking

29 Jul, 15:48:41 PDT> Denise: body positive blog

29 Jul, 15:49:01 PDT> Denise: we're blogging about that topic in different ways and she takes photos but she has noticed over the year

29 Jul, 15:49:19 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 15:49:20 PDT> Denise: there are stories from my personal life that come up in a way that I feel an ethical responsiblity to incorporate

29 Jul, 15:49:28 PDT> Denise: and it makes it a more (something) blog

29 Jul, 15:49:50 PDT> Denise: not the factual parts but what happens inside you when the personal parts become exposed in the blog to your audience, I'm concerned about that

29 Jul, 15:49:56 PDT> Denise: (this is a question for lauren)

29 Jul, 15:50:10 PDT> Denise: she's a private person and is worried about exposing herself

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:41:52.0 to 2006-07-29 15:42:43.0

29 Jul, 15:41:52 PDT> Denise: and I want to write about how angry he makes me

29 Jul, 15:42:03 PDT> Denise: but the enxt day I want to tell them how much I love him

29 Jul, 15:42:14 PDT> Denise: so I restrain myself cause our friends family and coworkers and his boss read

29 Jul, 15:42:17 PDT> Denise: she writes but doesn't publish

29 Jul, 15:42:22 PDT> Denise: she shows robert those, he says

29 Jul, 15:42:37 PDT> Denise: the copenhagen woman says myriam is more fun than robert

29 Jul, 15:42:43 PDT> Denise: and agreed she needed a blog

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:40:53.0 to 2006-07-29 15:41:47.0

29 Jul, 15:40:53 PDT> Denise: she came in and everyone knew her and gave her a hug

29 Jul, 15:40:57 PDT> e: screw robert?

29 Jul, 15:40:59 PDT> Denise: I love what scoble writes about you

29 Jul, 15:41:04 PDT> Denise: I had to come in and have a voice of my own

29 Jul, 15:41:10 PDT> Denise: and provide the opposite side of the story.

29 Jul, 15:41:21 PDT> Denise: it is about living with geeks and hanging out with them

29 Jul, 15:41:27 PDT> Denise: jory askss if she's ever felt restraint

29 Jul, 15:41:33 PDT> Denise: (robert can't help her answer)

29 Jul, 15:41:39 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 15:41:47 PDT> Denise: I love robert to death and other times when I really love him to death and the blog is such a powerful tool

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:40:05.0 to 2006-07-29 15:40:51.0

29 Jul, 15:40:05 PDT> Denise: lol see you should be here

29 Jul, 15:40:08 PDT> Denise: this is what it's about

29 Jul, 15:40:09 PDT> Denise: :-)

29 Jul, 15:40:11 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ARGH.

29 Jul, 15:40:22 PDT> Denise: myriam came to this because robert is a well known blogger she was a conference wife

29 Jul, 15:40:32 PDT> Denise: people want to link to her when they blog about meeting her but you don't have a blog

29 Jul, 15:40:35 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 15:40:36 PDT> Denise: robert wanted her to blog

29 Jul, 15:40:42 PDT> Denise: so she gets a blog and he says you should stop blogging

29 Jul, 15:40:51 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: lol. that's funny.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:38:36.0 to 2006-07-29 15:39:58.0

29 Jul, 15:38:36 PDT> Denise: in casual I cuss like a sailor

29 Jul, 15:38:54 PDT> Denise: so I guess there's that but there are other things I have to leave out with the male personal cause there are things I have to leave out

29 Jul, 15:39:09 PDT> Denise: nerds's annie also answered but I didn't get it cause I was trying to ask the second part of your question

29 Jul, 15:39:17 PDT> Denise: it will be in the podcast so you can hear it that way

29 Jul, 15:39:23 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: swell, thx.

29 Jul, 15:39:42 PDT> Denise: ok so a guy now is talking about blogging about his kids, does that mean he's blogging like a female or in a female role?

29 Jul, 15:39:48 PDT> Denise: Jory says maybe, and people sort of agreed

29 Jul, 15:39:56 PDT> e: whaat?

29 Jul, 15:39:57 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ARGH. i could not disagree mroe.

29 Jul, 15:39:58 PDT> Denise: Myriam = have you felt pressured to blog a certain way

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:37:31.0 to 2006-07-29 15:38:34.0

29 Jul, 15:37:31 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: really?! right ON.

29 Jul, 15:37:35 PDT> sassymonkey: :)

29 Jul, 15:37:41 PDT> e: let's hear it for the peanut gallery!

29 Jul, 15:37:47 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle

29 Jul, 15:37:59 PDT> Denise: annie says she men shouldn't be the only ones who are able to blog about these topics

29 Jul, 15:38:03 PDT> Denise: lauren is answering the second one

29 Jul, 15:38:11 PDT> Denise: this is not about getting naked it's about putting her clothes back on

29 Jul, 15:38:25 PDT> Denise: as I realized the blog is getting bigger and bigger and out of control, I had to stop discussing some things

29 Jul, 15:38:30 PDT> Denise: so I felt like I had to put my suit on

29 Jul, 15:38:34 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: ah HA. so it was a disguise.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:35:39.0 to 2006-07-29 15:37:24.0

29 Jul, 15:35:39 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (raising hand, waving it around)

29 Jul, 15:35:46 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 15:35:48 PDT> Denise: lol what's the question? lol

29 Jul, 15:35:50 PDT> e: the man underground?

29 Jul, 15:36:01 PDT> Denise: annie's screen name could be male or female

29 Jul, 15:36:14 PDT> Denise: she doesn't have a female voice when she blogs

29 Jul, 15:36:21 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: two fold: one, "accused of being a man?" why accused, and why should being a man be something negative associated with accusation?

29 Jul, 15:36:24 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: and two

29 Jul, 15:36:57 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: isn't there the possiblity that by blogging as a man, that writer is just giving HERSELF permission to use her real voice?

29 Jul, 15:37:24 PDT> Denise: I'm asking these hang on love

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:34:14.0 to 2006-07-29 15:35:28.0

29 Jul, 15:34:14 PDT> Denise: where people tell her she knows nothing cause she is a privileged white male

29 Jul, 15:34:19 PDT> Denise: is talking

29 Jul, 15:34:25 PDT> Denise: she didn't want to disclose she's a mom and has kids

29 Jul, 15:34:32 PDT> Denise: people would write her thinking she was a man

29 Jul, 15:34:40 PDT> Denise: even though she wrote about being a woman, having a vagina

29 Jul, 15:34:52 PDT> Denise: it wasn't til she wrote about being a mom, that pepole responded to her as a woman

29 Jul, 15:34:58 PDT> Denise: she almost grew a dick and blogged that way

29 Jul, 15:35:11 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (well THAT's aggravating.)

29 Jul, 15:35:14 PDT> Denise: annie mole gets accused of being a man

29 Jul, 15:35:28 PDT> Denise: they think she works for the underground

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:32:36.0 to 2006-07-29 15:34:05.0

29 Jul, 15:32:36 PDT> Denise: it was the mens group that broke her down

29 Jul, 15:32:42 PDT> Denise: helped her with her relationship with her husband

29 Jul, 15:32:48 PDT> Denise: Lauren is gonna talk about blogging as a man

29 Jul, 15:32:52 PDT> Denise: the whole new freedom

29 Jul, 15:33:02 PDT> Denise: it didn't occur to me to start as a man but I was gonna leave it gender neutral

29 Jul, 15:33:34 PDT> Denise: she can be more crass

29 Jul, 15:33:35 PDT> Denise: and ruder

29 Jul, 15:33:42 PDT> Denise: is it the psudo or the masculinity

29 Jul, 15:33:52 PDT> Denise: there's no sweetheart, doll honey crap from her political opponents

29 Jul, 15:34:05 PDT> Denise: she's participating in the feminist blogosphere

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:29:40.0 to 2006-07-29 15:32:30.0

29 Jul, 15:29:40 PDT> Denise: myramie on msn spaces

29 Jul, 15:31:50 PDT> Denise: lauren hasn't read it

29 Jul, 15:31:55 PDT> Denise: she's discussed it but had to

29 Jul, 15:32:02 PDT> Denise: Jory wants to know the significance of the book

29 Jul, 15:32:10 PDT> Denise: it's story of a lesbain feminist who lived as a man

29 Jul, 15:32:14 PDT> Denise: she joined a mens group

29 Jul, 15:32:19 PDT> Denise: lived in a monastary

29 Jul, 15:32:24 PDT> Denise: she had a nervous break down

29 Jul, 15:32:24 PDT> sassymonkey: oh that book, i know that book

29 Jul, 15:32:30 PDT> Denise: because of the physical manifestation

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:28:36.0 to 2006-07-29 15:29:36.0

29 Jul, 15:28:36 PDT> Denise: lauren left

29 Jul, 15:28:40 PDT> Denise: she blogs as a man now on another site

29 Jul, 15:28:47 PDT> Denise: which remains nameless

29 Jul, 15:28:53 PDT> Denise: because it's a different identity issue

29 Jul, 15:29:04 PDT> Denise: jory is pulling a quote

29 Jul, 15:29:16 PDT> Denise: shoot

29 Jul, 15:29:20 PDT> Denise: I can't get that it's too long

29 Jul, 15:29:29 PDT> Denise: writing as a man has opened up her writing in many ways

29 Jul, 15:29:33 PDT> Denise: but it's also closed her down in ways

29 Jul, 15:29:36 PDT> Denise: myriam scoble

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:27:27.0 to 2006-07-29 15:28:26.0

29 Jul, 15:27:27 PDT> Denise: lauren bruce

29 Jul, 15:27:33 PDT> Denise: feministe. org

29 Jul, 15:27:37 PDT> Denise:

29 Jul, 15:27:43 PDT> Denise: practical approach

29 Jul, 15:27:51 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 15:28:00 PDT> e: i went to huffpo, it's not there

29 Jul, 15:28:02 PDT> Denise: (I've never seen a picture of lauren before which is weird cause I've read it forever)

29 Jul, 15:28:09 PDT> Denise: I'll find liz, E and get her to link it

29 Jul, 15:28:17 PDT> Denise: she comes from an ultra conservative family

29 Jul, 15:28:26 PDT> Denise: she graduated from college needed a job

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:26:10.0 to 2006-07-29 15:27:23.0

29 Jul, 15:26:10 PDT> Denise: she can write about anything from upholstery

29 Jul, 15:26:27 PDT> Denise: she reviewed london underground upholstery

29 Jul, 15:26:30 PDT> Denise: she's become famous

29 Jul, 15:26:35 PDT> Denise: her identity has shifted

29 Jul, 15:26:41 PDT> Denise: a year ago she burnt out (I can relate)

29 Jul, 15:26:51 PDT> Denise: (my comments tend to be in parenthesis folks)

29 Jul, 15:27:02 PDT> sassymonkey: (likes partentheses)

29 Jul, 15:27:10 PDT> Denise: her blog became a place for people to connect she re-established a relationship with her writing and burnt out

29 Jul, 15:27:19 PDT> Denise: she joined yahoo 360, more pressure external pressure

29 Jul, 15:27:23 PDT> Denise: managing two identities

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:25:23.0 to 2006-07-29 15:25:59.0

29 Jul, 15:25:23 PDT> Denise: and I'm in a personal identity crisis

29 Jul, 15:25:24 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 15:25:31 PDT> Denise: the people on the panel are dealing with that

29 Jul, 15:25:37 PDT> Denise: she's gonna introduce the panel

29 Jul, 15:25:45 PDT> Denise: mecca ibraham

29 Jul, 15:25:50 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: (you are a machine, denise, i mean that in a good way.)

29 Jul, 15:25:52 PDT> Denise: london underground tube diary

29 Jul, 15:25:54 PDT> Denise: annie moll

29 Jul, 15:25:57 PDT> sassymonkey: (she's good at this)

29 Jul, 15:25:59 PDT> Denise: mole sorry

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:23:52.0 to 2006-07-29 15:25:19.0

29 Jul, 15:23:52 PDT> Denise: a lot of people are naked bloggin but don't realize it

29 Jul, 15:24:20 PDT> Denise: family is an externam pressure, job/work is one the pressure we're gonna talk about is your audience

29 Jul, 15:24:28 PDT> Denise: what happens when you don't want to go there anymore and your audience insists on it

29 Jul, 15:24:33 PDT> Denise: what about creativity?

29 Jul, 15:24:41 PDT> Denise: i started that job when I was at a blog and hated it

29 Jul, 15:24:50 PDT> Denise: i developed an audience of people like that

29 Jul, 15:25:02 PDT> Denise: then I started blogher and that changed my blog entirely at a career level

29 Jul, 15:25:11 PDT> Denise: I was single and then I got engaged and that screwed everything up

29 Jul, 15:25:16 PDT> Denise: and now there's a new level of naked

29 Jul, 15:25:19 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: :-)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:22:52.0 to 2006-07-29 15:23:42.0

29 Jul, 15:22:52 PDT> Denise: so you're seeing all of these weird photos but that's not really what the overwhelming energy is

29 Jul, 15:22:59 PDT> Denise: ok so you want me to live blog this here now or not?

29 Jul, 15:23:01 PDT> Denise: your choice ladies

29 Jul, 15:23:04 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: but when you can't see the other stuff - which i've no doubt is there - it all looks pretty frivolous.

29 Jul, 15:23:06 PDT> Denise: jory is opening

29 Jul, 15:23:08 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: please blog.

29 Jul, 15:23:12 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: thx.

29 Jul, 15:23:20 PDT> Denise: it's not friviolous, well it is but not mostly

29 Jul, 15:23:41 PDT> sassymonkey: nerd's eye - i think when people have time to post and have a connection we'll see more content

29 Jul, 15:23:42 PDT> Denise: OK jory says naked blogging is personal blogging, where you go beyond your boundaries - explore something deeper, expanding your horizons

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:21:30.0 to 2006-07-29 15:22:40.0

29 Jul, 15:21:30 PDT> sassymonkey: does that mean you'll be going back next year?

29 Jul, 15:21:31 PDT> Denise: monkey they are all having trouble live blogging - I've not had trouble but many have

29 Jul, 15:21:39 PDT> Denise: Liz badgerbag is live blogging on huffpo

29 Jul, 15:21:43 PDT> Denise: which most people didn't know

29 Jul, 15:22:00 PDT> sassymonkey: there you go e. is that what you were looking for?

29 Jul, 15:22:02 PDT> Denise: socal got one up

29 Jul, 15:22:07 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: can you tell me why? this is actually a serious question. the live blogging is really helping/happening and i keep seeing just photos of boobs and shoes and handbags, and that's not leaving me with the impression that i'm missing something.

29 Jul, 15:22:08 PDT> Denise: or maybe to

29 Jul, 15:22:24 PDT> Denise: lol the boobs and handbags are gravy

29 Jul, 15:22:40 PDT> Denise: they're attempts at fun, to ease the energy or something, it's hard to explain

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:20:24.0 to 2006-07-29 15:21:19.0

29 Jul, 15:20:24 PDT> Denise: yes I am

29 Jul, 15:20:31 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: did you go last year?

29 Jul, 15:20:33 PDT> Denise: sitting in the naked blogging panel waiting for the big event

29 Jul, 15:20:41 PDT> Denise: nope last year I was sitting in the chatrooms and reading the live blogs

29 Jul, 15:21:01 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: is it better to be there? i honestly can't decide if I wish i was there.

29 Jul, 15:21:03 PDT> Denise: do y'all want me to attempt to live blog this naked blog session or not?

29 Jul, 15:21:05 PDT> sassymonkey: having trouble locating the live blogs this year

29 Jul, 15:21:09 PDT> Denise: omg yes you want to be here

29 Jul, 15:21:16 PDT> Denise: it's overwhelming and exhausting but it's awesome

29 Jul, 15:21:19 PDT> Denise: I mean really awesome

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:18:25.0 to 2006-07-29 15:20:13.0

29 Jul, 15:18:25 PDT> Denise: lol

29 Jul, 15:18:42 PDT> sassymonkey: yes. i went to the storage solutiosn place and spent too much money

29 Jul, 15:18:50 PDT> sassymonkey: tell tw I'll say cunt to her.

29 Jul, 15:19:22 PDT> e: looks like hat was too much for 306

29 Jul, 15:19:28 PDT> sassymonkey: oops. ;)

29 Jul, 15:19:32 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 15:19:37 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: timing.

29 Jul, 15:19:42 PDT> Denise: lololol tsk tsk sassymonkey

29 Jul, 15:19:54 PDT> sassymonkey: i always seem to get in trouble when you're around denise

29 Jul, 15:20:13 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: denise, you are at BlogHer, right?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:17:04.0 to 2006-07-29 15:18:23.0

29 Jul, 15:17:04 PDT> sassymonkey: of course

29 Jul, 15:17:08 PDT> Denise: I'm getting ready for the naked blogging panel

29 Jul, 15:17:11 PDT> Denise: scobles abound

29 Jul, 15:17:14 PDT> Denise: ;-)

29 Jul, 15:17:15 PDT> sassymonkey: :)

29 Jul, 15:18:00 PDT> Denise: I've taken no pictures today at all none

29 Jul, 15:18:13 PDT> Denise: TW wants to know if you've done anything today, sassymonkey, besides chat heh

29 Jul, 15:18:15 PDT> sassymonkey: you've been busy chatting and talking

29 Jul, 15:18:22 PDT> Denise: she was with susie bright

29 Jul, 15:18:23 PDT> Denise: who said cunt

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:15:37.0 to 2006-07-29 15:16:51.0

29 Jul, 15:15:37 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: though we had to walk around with our unanswered questions a LOT longer.

29 Jul, 15:15:43 PDT> sassymonkey: actually i think i just curl up with a book...and pretended not to see the mess around me like i am right now

29 Jul, 15:16:00 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: :) blogs, please? can i see who you all are?

29 Jul, 15:16:11 PDT> sassymonkey:

29 Jul, 15:16:18 PDT> Nerd's Eye View:

29 Jul, 15:16:42 PDT> Denise: OMG I am tired lol

29 Jul, 15:16:42 PDT> sassymonkey: hey denise. how was your session?

29 Jul, 15:16:46 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 15:16:46 PDT> Denise: exhausting

29 Jul, 15:16:51 PDT> Denise: I am done talking that stuff ya know

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:12:10.0 to 2006-07-29 15:12:10.0

29 Jul, 15:12:10 PDT> sassymonkey: thank koan! she posted it

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:10:35.0 to 2006-07-29 15:11:59.0

29 Jul, 15:10:35 PDT> e: anyway, it's not sassy's job to be apologetic--sorry sassy.

29 Jul, 15:10:38 PDT> sassymonkey: it was the identity session. I believe koan has it on her blog. just a second and i'll get yo ua link

29 Jul, 15:11:10 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: thx.

29 Jul, 15:11:18 PDT> e: somewhere, somebody is liveblogging a current session massively, but i don't know where it is, sorry

29 Jul, 15:11:21 PDT> sassymonkey: no worries e. i used to be involved in conferences back in school. things always go wrong and unfortunately in this case the connections issues are causing problems

29 Jul, 15:11:41 PDT> e: sounds more like the planning to me grrrrrrr

29 Jul, 15:11:43 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 15:11:44 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: it's a shame that a tech conference is having, um, technical issues.

29 Jul, 15:11:50 PDT> sassymonkey: here's te link to the live chat

29 Jul, 15:11:59 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: thx for that.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 15:06:46.0 to 2006-07-29 15:10:18.0

29 Jul, 15:06:46 PDT> e: yeah, well i'm gettin pretty pissed off here, this is supposed to be about communication, isn't it? WTF? nobody can find anything? i'm about to bail

29 Jul, 15:07:02 PDT> e: before i spurt

29 Jul, 15:07:46 PDT> sassymonkey: i have a feeling the hotel's internet connections are working against them.

29 Jul, 15:08:08 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: that seems, um, counterproductive.

29 Jul, 15:08:34 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: i was sort of hoping to see the hosts on here from the sessions or folks who are IN the sessions on here.

29 Jul, 15:08:35 PDT> sassymonkey: if i remember correctly, the hotel is undergoing renovations.

29 Jul, 15:09:23 PDT> sassymonkey: which is part of the reason for the issues

29 Jul, 15:09:38 PDT> sassymonkey: someone was in here earlier today live chatting the session for us. but she's on a panel now

29 Jul, 15:10:10 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: oh, i'm sorry i missed that!

29 Jul, 15:10:18 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: which session was it?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:58:25.0 to 2006-07-29 15:06:07.0

29 Jul, 14:58:25 PDT> sassymonkey: i found a live blog for the sex one

29 Jul, 14:58:40 PDT> sassymonkey:

29 Jul, 15:00:05 PDT> sassymonkey: and here's one for the autonomy session

29 Jul, 15:01:29 PDT> sassymonkey: and for the business blog case studies

29 Jul, 15:02:36 PDT> e: that one says there's a podcasat of every session, but where? i still can't find liz

29 Jul, 15:03:00 PDT> sassymonkey: it's possible the podcasts just simple aren't up yet.

29 Jul, 15:03:28 PDT> sassymonkey: i don't know if people would have had time to attend sessions and everything else plus get the podcasts ready to post

29 Jul, 15:05:39 PDT> sassymonkey: Hi! :)

29 Jul, 15:05:59 PDT> Nerd's Eye View: Aloha, just standing in the corner, seeing what's on...

29 Jul, 15:06:07 PDT> sassymonkey: it's pretty quiet

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:55:42.0 to 2006-07-29 14:57:51.0

29 Jul, 14:55:42 PDT> e: i'm back

29 Jul, 14:55:55 PDT> sassymonkey: heya

29 Jul, 14:55:58 PDT> e: liz henry just sent me an email that she's liveblogging this session massively!

29 Jul, 14:56:03 PDT> e: i don't know where, though

29 Jul, 14:56:05 PDT> sassymonkey: cool!

29 Jul, 14:56:07 PDT> sassymonkey: aw nuts

29 Jul, 14:56:25 PDT> sassymonkey: which session is she in?

29 Jul, 14:56:51 PDT> e: i don't know. maybe grace's, maybe the sex one...

29 Jul, 14:57:01 PDT> e: i have only two places for her and she's showing up at neither

29 Jul, 14:57:51 PDT> sassymonkey: hmm

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:53:00.0 to 2006-07-29 14:55:15.0

29 Jul, 14:53:00 PDT> sassymonkey: lol. everyone is wondering the same thing.

29 Jul, 14:53:24 PDT> Liz: the only hint I've seen is that maybe it will be on the east coast

29 Jul, 14:53:26 PDT> sassymonkey: there's an east coast rumor floating around but so far it's just a rumor ( far as I know)

29 Jul, 14:53:56 PDT> Liz: east coast would be easier for me to work up the nerve to try to go

29 Jul, 14:54:10 PDT> Liz: and that's if I could save up enough money between now and then

29 Jul, 14:54:20 PDT> sassymonkey: east coast would be easier for me to get to period. and yes, i'd need to save too

29 Jul, 14:54:52 PDT> sassymonkey: hellol!

29 Jul, 14:54:55 PDT> sassymonkey: errr...hello even

29 Jul, 14:55:07 PDT> Liz: nice talking to ya. I'm off to flickr to hunt for more blogher photos

29 Jul, 14:55:15 PDT> sassymonkey: have fun

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:36:17.0 to 2006-07-29 14:52:50.0

29 Jul, 14:36:17 PDT> nichi: Thanks so much. I'm off to see the wizard!

29 Jul, 14:45:29 PDT> gabber848: oops clicked on this by accident trying to find the IRC chat

29 Jul, 14:45:50 PDT> sassymonkey: is there an irc chat as well?

29 Jul, 14:46:19 PDT> Liz: I don't know there was a posting about an IRC chat but haven't found out anything else about it.

29 Jul, 14:46:58 PDT> sassymonkey: i haven't seen anything about irc this year... just this so far

29 Jul, 14:49:23 PDT> Liz: Okay, I'm Liz (aka proffburd) and my spaces are at - Welcome to my Home and - This Is it or not.

29 Jul, 14:49:38 PDT> Liz: Where do ya'll blog?

29 Jul, 14:50:16 PDT> sassymonkey: I'm sassymonkey, aka Karen. I blog at and

29 Jul, 14:52:29 PDT> Liz: cool blogs!

29 Jul, 14:52:50 PDT> Liz: any hint as to where the conference will be held next year.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:36:17.0 to 2006-07-29 14:36:17.0

29 Jul, 14:36:17 PDT> nichi: Thanks so much. I'm off to see the wizard!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:29:29.0 to 2006-07-29 14:33:49.0

29 Jul, 14:29:29 PDT> nichi: I am looking for something that could develop a community like or

29 Jul, 14:29:41 PDT> e: and then a friend started up and i jumped to him instantly and loved it

29 Jul, 14:29:43 PDT> sassymonkey: i was at blogger for a year and half and switched to

29 Jul, 14:29:48 PDT> e: he uses expression engine

29 Jul, 14:30:14 PDT> e: come on over and look at us at if you like

29 Jul, 14:30:46 PDT> e: you should get in touch with debra at a stitch in time, too, tell her e sent you :)

29 Jul, 14:31:17 PDT> sassymonkey: if you're interested in community you should really check out nancy white

29 Jul, 14:31:27 PDT> e: she does scrapbook and crafty stuff

29 Jul, 14:32:01 PDT> e: debra does

29 Jul, 14:33:49 PDT> sassymonkey: here's nancy's blog about building communities.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:27:22.0 to 2006-07-29 14:29:23.0

29 Jul, 14:27:22 PDT> sassymonkey: the blog has to be active for 30 days before it will be listed

29 Jul, 14:27:26 PDT> nichi: BTW, which blog software (is that what it's called now or platform) is best?

29 Jul, 14:27:37 PDT> e: oh yeah, i guess so, rules grrr

29 Jul, 14:27:50 PDT> sassymonkey: it depends on what you want.

29 Jul, 14:27:52 PDT> e: well, can she at least register with blogHer with an email address?

29 Jul, 14:28:38 PDT> e: well, nichim at least take my blog address and if you want to comment, then at least I will have a link to you

29 Jul, 14:28:39 PDT> sassymonkey: she can submit it to the blogroll where it will be approved on after the 30 day mark. in the mean time she can introduce herself in the forums and start commenting.

29 Jul, 14:28:44 PDT> e:

29 Jul, 14:29:08 PDT> e: it depends on what you want.

29 Jul, 14:29:23 PDT> e: i want no techonology issues, so i stayed with blogger for a year

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:25:54.0 to 2006-07-29 14:27:21.0

29 Jul, 14:25:54 PDT> e: sorry

29 Jul, 14:25:55 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle

29 Jul, 14:26:09 PDT> sassymonkey: well you did claim all the typos...

29 Jul, 14:26:16 PDT> e: nilchi, do you have a blog?

29 Jul, 14:26:26 PDT> e: nichi

29 Jul, 14:26:29 PDT> nichi: lol. do you mean the address of the computer? I still use the same email on both.

29 Jul, 14:26:51 PDT> e: an email address or your blog address?

29 Jul, 14:27:04 PDT> nichi: No, not yet. I've got some ideas running thru my mind.

29 Jul, 14:27:05 PDT> e: you can list your blog on blogher and then can be found later

29 Jul, 14:27:21 PDT> e: you can start one instantly on blogger if you like and fix it up later

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:24:50.0 to 2006-07-29 14:25:53.0

29 Jul, 14:24:50 PDT> nichi: Anyway, I'm going to go check out the link sent earlier. Sorry if I don't remember names. I can barely remember mine sometimes. I'll be around all evening. this is very exciting.

29 Jul, 14:25:02 PDT> gammavh: have fun ttfn

29 Jul, 14:25:08 PDT> e: glad to have you! connect somewhere with a perman addy>?

29 Jul, 14:25:22 PDT> e: sorry that cameout in greek

29 Jul, 14:25:28 PDT> e: i get excited :)

29 Jul, 14:25:32 PDT> nichi: What's a peman addy?

29 Jul, 14:25:32 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 14:25:38 PDT> e: who knows.

29 Jul, 14:25:49 PDT> e: what i meant was a permanebt address...

29 Jul, 14:25:53 PDT> e: crap

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:23:21.0 to 2006-07-29 14:24:44.0

29 Jul, 14:23:21 PDT> gabber203: Hmmm, I just noticed I'm coming up as gabber203. I'm supposed to be nichi. IDENTITY THEFT?

29 Jul, 14:23:45 PDT> e: no, when you logged off and then logged back on, you didn't change yourself back to nichi is all

29 Jul, 14:23:48 PDT> sassymonkey: you're back to nichi now

29 Jul, 14:23:49 PDT> nichi: Oh the nuances of technology....

29 Jul, 14:23:54 PDT> e: there, see?

29 Jul, 14:23:55 PDT> e: hee

29 Jul, 14:24:09 PDT> e: happens everytime i fall off

29 Jul, 14:24:24 PDT> e: which i do a lot because i forget and go look at another page,for example

29 Jul, 14:24:25 PDT> sassymonkey: you've been sticking pretty well the last little bit

29 Jul, 14:24:44 PDT> e: it only happens when i wander :)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:21:00.0 to 2006-07-29 14:23:19.0

29 Jul, 14:21:00 PDT> e: schools here begin next week

29 Jul, 14:21:08 PDT> e: this is still july, mind

29 Jul, 14:21:26 PDT> sassymonkey: we start a lot later up here. not until the end of august or first of september

29 Jul, 14:21:37 PDT> e: that's the way it always used to bem anyway

29 Jul, 14:21:49 PDT> gabber203: Well, I know this is the last place to bring something like this up, but it just popped in my head. Wouldn't it be nice to entertain the thought of getting completely off the grid, at least for a little while?

29 Jul, 14:22:07 PDT> e: sure, i've been off the grid.

29 Jul, 14:22:25 PDT> e: we can do that a lot more easily and for shorter periods these days

29 Jul, 14:22:28 PDT> gabber203: Me too, years ago.

29 Jul, 14:22:51 PDT> e: it only has value for me as a restorative

29 Jul, 14:23:19 PDT> e: i have done retreats at our local benedictine monastery--but it's closed now because of the hurricane of course

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:18:20.0 to 2006-07-29 14:20:44.0

29 Jul, 14:18:20 PDT> e: i think just the opposite

29 Jul, 14:18:40 PDT> e: they s=certianly can't concentrate, but i think it's because we jerk them around instead of allowing them to go with the flow

29 Jul, 14:19:15 PDT> gabber203: well, that's democracy right? I don't think there are any firm answers. Some will flourish in this new age, some will flounder. And that's the way it has always been. Survival of the fittest.

29 Jul, 14:19:15 PDT> e: we're not allowing them to find their own value

29 Jul, 14:19:47 PDT> sassymonkey: good ole darwin

29 Jul, 14:19:55 PDT> e: that's true, only the tools to be fit are available to more (though certainly not all) now

29 Jul, 14:20:18 PDT> sassymonkey: although when you don't have access to the tools now you are much further behind than before

29 Jul, 14:20:21 PDT> gabber203: I do agree they're being "guided" a bit too much. When did it become a crime to really have a summer "vacation"?

29 Jul, 14:20:37 PDT> sassymonkey: i don't know but if you figure out a way to have one sign me up

29 Jul, 14:20:44 PDT> e: i don't know "much further behind" but no further ahead, certianly

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:16:48.0 to 2006-07-29 14:18:02.0

29 Jul, 14:16:48 PDT> gabber203: I agree to disagree on this one.

29 Jul, 14:16:50 PDT> sassymonkey: oh nuts. vanda just left

29 Jul, 14:16:56 PDT> gammavh: still here

29 Jul, 14:16:58 PDT> e: which one?

29 Jul, 14:16:59 PDT> sassymonkey: hey!

29 Jul, 14:17:03 PDT> gammavh: hey

29 Jul, 14:17:03 PDT> sassymonkey: HI vanda!

29 Jul, 14:17:07 PDT> gammavh: hiya

29 Jul, 14:17:51 PDT> sassymonkey: we're just chatting about the general nature of blogs and how information is exploding

29 Jul, 14:18:02 PDT> gabber203: On more info is better for the kids. I think it may all have a link to the rise in ADD and whatever else they're calling it these days. Kids don't know how to concentrate on one thing anymore, and we're sure not giving them time to.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:15:07.0 to 2006-07-29 14:16:35.0

29 Jul, 14:15:07 PDT> e: it wasn't so in your face, as it is now

29 Jul, 14:15:18 PDT> sassymonkey: exactly. look at how many books are published every year.

29 Jul, 14:15:34 PDT> e: now you HAVE to be active and not just accept things

29 Jul, 14:15:52 PDT> sassymonkey: there's always been lots of information out the way that you access and contribute information is changing

29 Jul, 14:16:10 PDT> e: and i still think that somehow sassy and i are the same person

29 Jul, 14:16:18 PDT> sassymonkey: ha. no. i can't do art remember?

29 Jul, 14:16:19 PDT> e: sassy, my father was canadian, could it be....?

29 Jul, 14:16:27 PDT> sassymonkey: lol

29 Jul, 14:16:29 PDT> sassymonkey: unlikely

29 Jul, 14:16:35 PDT> e: i'm too old anyway

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:13:22.0 to 2006-07-29 14:14:59.0

29 Jul, 14:13:22 PDT> e: there you go again

29 Jul, 14:13:23 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 14:13:34 PDT> gabber203: Well, their little heads better get ready to grow then:-)

29 Jul, 14:13:48 PDT> sassymonkey: sometimes i wonder if it won't actually help their research skills.

29 Jul, 14:13:52 PDT> e: but, see, we had to, or should have done that, too

29 Jul, 14:14:31 PDT> sassymonkey: er the sorting of good and bad information that is. not specifically talking about wiki there.

29 Jul, 14:14:36 PDT> gabber203: But the amount of info is getting overwhelming, don't you agree?

29 Jul, 14:14:46 PDT> e: no moreso than ever

29 Jul, 14:14:56 PDT> e: it was always overwhelming, we just didn't realize it so uch

29 Jul, 14:14:59 PDT> sassymonkey: it can be if you don't know what you are looking for.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:11:12.0 to 2006-07-29 14:13:10.0

29 Jul, 14:11:12 PDT> e: yes, that's what i mean

29 Jul, 14:11:13 PDT> gabber203: thanks for that link.

29 Jul, 14:11:23 PDT> e: it's not authority-based, web 2.0

29 Jul, 14:11:40 PDT> e: you're on your own, it's not the infallible taxonomy you're used to (probably)

29 Jul, 14:11:58 PDT> e: but then, for many of us, that taxonomy wasn't infallible anyway :)

29 Jul, 14:12:27 PDT> e: it's information, not authority, just information, it's up to you to filter it

29 Jul, 14:12:38 PDT> gabber203: Hmmm, being older, I don't think I'll have a problem distinguishing the authority based from the rest, but what about the kids who are going to grow up in this?

29 Jul, 14:12:55 PDT> sassymonkey: they'll have to learn to wean out bad information.

29 Jul, 14:13:02 PDT> e: they won't be growing up with wikipedia as an authority, remember

29 Jul, 14:13:10 PDT> e: just as more information

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:11:12.0 to 2006-07-29 14:11:58.0

29 Jul, 14:11:12 PDT> e: yes, that's what i mean

29 Jul, 14:11:13 PDT> gabber203: thanks for that link.

29 Jul, 14:11:23 PDT> e: it's not authority-based, web 2.0

29 Jul, 14:11:40 PDT> e: you're on your own, it's not the infallible taxonomy you're used to (probably)

29 Jul, 14:11:58 PDT> e: but then, for many of us, that taxonomy wasn't infallible anyway :)

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:08:24.0 to 2006-07-29 14:10:59.0

29 Jul, 14:08:24 PDT> sassymonkey: i'm still here

29 Jul, 14:08:31 PDT> e: oh good

29 Jul, 14:08:33 PDT> gabber203: Ohhh, big word - taxonomies. I had to look that one up just be sure I had the right meaning in my mind.

29 Jul, 14:08:34 PDT> sassymonkey: i was trying to find info on yesterday's tagging session.

29 Jul, 14:08:44 PDT> gabber203: We had a wiki where I used to work.

29 Jul, 14:09:14 PDT> e: well i was going to say when you want to know about anything, go to wikipedia and type it in and you'll probably find the info you want

29 Jul, 14:09:24 PDT> sassymonkey: nichi denise did some live blogging at yesterday's tagging session. you can see it here:

29 Jul, 14:09:34 PDT> e: again, it's socially constructed, so not authoritative, but it's very useful

29 Jul, 14:10:58 PDT> e: if you're in data systems, you probably have a definite taxonomy in your head that can be difficult to get around, the concept that there are shifting meanings and how that could ever be useful

29 Jul, 14:10:59 PDT> gabber203: I agree on wikipedia having anything you need, but here's the question. My understanding is that just anyone can add or edit a wiki. So as time goes by, do we really want nonprofessional (for lack of a better word) people explaining things to us?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:04:57.0 to 2006-07-29 14:08:20.0

29 Jul, 14:04:57 PDT> sassymonkey: there was a session that deal with tagging yesterday. i

29 Jul, 14:05:03 PDT> sassymonkey: stop that e!

29 Jul, 14:05:28 PDT> gabber203: I missed everything? I'll be on here all weekend trying to catch up.

29 Jul, 14:05:44 PDT> e: it's individual taxonomies for sure, so it's not useful in a database kind of way (that would be 1.0) but just a 2.0 way, a social networking kind of way

29 Jul, 14:06:04 PDT> sassymonkey: we all will be nichi. a lot of people are having trouble getting a good connection at the hotel so there will be information on all these sessions coming out for awhile

29 Jul, 14:06:06 PDT> e: believe me, it's all the same thing all over again

29 Jul, 14:06:08 PDT> gabber203: I'm so glad I found this. I was really getting tired of wondering from site to site.

29 Jul, 14:06:16 PDT> e: have you looked at wikipedia?

29 Jul, 14:07:31 PDT> e: nichi?

29 Jul, 14:08:20 PDT> e: sassy?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 14:02:24.0 to 2006-07-29 14:04:56.0

29 Jul, 14:02:24 PDT> gabber203: I guess the photo sharing could be considered a service.

29 Jul, 14:02:30 PDT> e: i would imine there's a site for everything, just about and, if not, there will be in about 2 minutesag

29 Jul, 14:02:39 PDT> e: sure

29 Jul, 14:02:44 PDT> e: go look at flickr

29 Jul, 14:03:39 PDT> gabber203: Yeah, I'm trying to grasp that flickr concept. I have a photo gallery on my site, but I really like to keep it private. I'm not so sure about putting misc pics out there for the world. But it's catching on like fire.

29 Jul, 14:04:06 PDT> e: yes, but it's not private, if you don't want the pic to be seen, then don't put it up there

29 Jul, 14:04:07 PDT> sassymonkey: with flickr you do have the option to keep photos private or for friends only to view them (but they have to be registered)

29 Jul, 14:04:36 PDT> gabber203: Tags is another concept I'm trying to grasp. I have a database background and it's hard to think that just anyone is basically creating new fields for a database somewhere.

29 Jul, 14:04:38 PDT> e: but the picture stillc can be seen anbd retrieved, it's just not easily don'e if it's private

29 Jul, 14:04:56 PDT> e: yeah, it's wild. there was a session about that yesterday

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:59:15.0 to 2006-07-29 14:01:53.0

29 Jul, 13:59:15 PDT> e: i'm thinking of grace d, who's speaking right now, and has been blogging for less than 2 years now

29 Jul, 13:59:43 PDT> e: web 2.0 is the uses to which the web is put. like blogher and blogs themselves

29 Jul, 13:59:51 PDT> e: and comerce on the web

29 Jul, 14:00:12 PDT> e: as opposed to the development of the web itself, which happened in the late 90s and early 2000s

29 Jul, 14:00:48 PDT> e: it's all these things made to make use of the web, like blogger and online shopping and weather updates and photosharing

29 Jul, 14:00:50 PDT> sassymonkey: that's the impression i've gotten from it. It's sort of an evolution thing.

29 Jul, 14:00:51 PDT> e: and everything

29 Jul, 14:00:52 PDT> gabber203: What do you think is the specialty that involves web designers? I understand services being offered.

29 Jul, 14:01:12 PDT> e: you mean offering your services as a web designer?

29 Jul, 14:01:53 PDT> gabber203: Well no, by services I mean more like applications being served over the web. I just saw a word processor site.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:57:33.0 to 2006-07-29 13:59:01.0

29 Jul, 13:57:33 PDT> gabber203: How long has this been around? The founders sound like some pretty heavy hitters, experience wise.

29 Jul, 13:57:42 PDT> sassymonkey: the first conference was last yaer

29 Jul, 13:57:44 PDT> sassymonkey: er year

29 Jul, 13:57:45 PDT> e: blogher? isn't this the second one?

29 Jul, 13:57:55 PDT> e: bloggin though, maybe 5 years?

29 Jul, 13:58:20 PDT> e: one thing with blogger is, you CAN get a lot of experience relatively fast doing it

29 Jul, 13:58:25 PDT> e: like in a year, even

29 Jul, 13:58:36 PDT> e: i mean with blogging, not with blogger

29 Jul, 13:58:49 PDT> sassymonkey: re: experience - it depends on how much work you put into it. I'm a slow mover.

29 Jul, 13:59:01 PDT> gabber203: I hate to bring this question up, but what the heck is Web 2.0 and what does everyone think about it? I've researched it, but it doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:55:21.0 to 2006-07-29 13:57:25.0

29 Jul, 13:55:21 PDT> e: i'm an artist; no money is involved, i fear

29 Jul, 13:55:50 PDT> e: it's just how i compose my paintings, of keep a sketchbook

29 Jul, 13:55:55 PDT> gabber203: Are there people making money or is that just a pipe dream?

29 Jul, 13:56:07 PDT> sassymonkey: some people do.

29 Jul, 13:56:08 PDT> e: with blogs? oh yes, lots.

29 Jul, 13:56:21 PDT> e: that's one of the focusses of blogHer, as a matter of fact

29 Jul, 13:56:31 PDT> e: the marketing thing

29 Jul, 13:57:03 PDT> gabber203: I hope they put transcripts of the conference up or something. I'm really interested.

29 Jul, 13:57:14 PDT> e: we're trying to figure that out, actually

29 Jul, 13:57:25 PDT> e: they hadn't planned on this chatroom, even, until yesterdeay

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:53:53.0 to 2006-07-29 13:55:07.0

29 Jul, 13:53:53 PDT> e: i did

29 Jul, 13:54:03 PDT> gabber203: I'll check it out.

29 Jul, 13:54:05 PDT> e: spanglemonkey blogs her entire life into her blog

29 Jul, 13:54:13 PDT> e: she posts several times every day

29 Jul, 13:54:24 PDT> gabber203: I saw someone say creating artwork on the computer. Are you using a blog for that?

29 Jul, 13:54:27 PDT> e: only only a couple of times today as she's at blogHer and can't get on so much

29 Jul, 13:54:35 PDT> e: me.

29 Jul, 13:54:55 PDT> e: i have a couple of blogs for various sketchbook things and in progress things

29 Jul, 13:55:01 PDT> gabber203: Is this for a business? Are you trying to make money from it?

29 Jul, 13:55:07 PDT> e:

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:52:56.0 to 2006-07-29 13:53:49.0

29 Jul, 13:52:56 PDT> sassymonkey: we were worried we had scared you off

29 Jul, 13:52:58 PDT> gabber203: I'm here. On a reliable computer now.

29 Jul, 13:53:05 PDT> e: ah, good

29 Jul, 13:53:06 PDT> sassymonkey: see! It was her computer!

29 Jul, 13:53:19 PDT> e: we thought we'd blogged you to death

29 Jul, 13:53:20 PDT> gabber203: No, the laptop and it's keyboard with a mind of it's own did.

29 Jul, 13:53:32 PDT> gabber203: No, I'm just getting started.

29 Jul, 13:53:40 PDT> e: cool

29 Jul, 13:53:48 PDT> sassymonkey: oh good. I can't talk for hours! ;) mostly about nothing

29 Jul, 13:53:49 PDT> gabber203: You said Spanglemonkey?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:51:39.0 to 2006-07-29 13:52:52.0

29 Jul, 13:51:39 PDT> sassymonkey: i suffer from dibilitating perfectionism.;) if I don't think I can do it great I dont' do it. although I'm way better at art than I am at music (tin ear)

29 Jul, 13:51:57 PDT> e: yeah, that's the biggest killer there is

29 Jul, 13:52:06 PDT> gabber203: Sorry about that. Had to change to the Mac.

29 Jul, 13:52:11 PDT> sassymonkey: nichi?

29 Jul, 13:52:13 PDT> e: nichi?

29 Jul, 13:52:16 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle

29 Jul, 13:52:19 PDT> e: [hee]

29 Jul, 13:52:23 PDT> e: stop it!

29 Jul, 13:52:25 PDT> e: :)

29 Jul, 13:52:52 PDT> e: there really are two of us, it just doesn't seem that way!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:49:51.0 to 2006-07-29 13:51:09.0

29 Jul, 13:49:51 PDT> sassymonkey: maybe. she mentioned her laptop was less than stellar

29 Jul, 13:50:03 PDT> e: :(

29 Jul, 13:50:15 PDT> e: some proselytizers we are!

29 Jul, 13:50:18 PDT> sassymonkey: You mentioned you teach art - what's your favourite medium?

29 Jul, 13:50:29 PDT> e: i am a painter

29 Jul, 13:50:39 PDT> e: but i design my paintings on computer these days

29 Jul, 13:50:43 PDT> sassymonkey: :) i like art. I'm just not any good at it.

29 Jul, 13:50:50 PDT> e: i t4each elementary kids for the rec dept.

29 Jul, 13:51:01 PDT> e: you just need to be taught

29 Jul, 13:51:09 PDT> e: anybody can learn to make art!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:46:28.0 to 2006-07-29 13:49:38.0

29 Jul, 13:46:28 PDT> e: did you get feedback and support from commenters?

29 Jul, 13:46:33 PDT> sassymonkey: Some people prefer that. I know some people who do the opposite because by blogging instead of doing a personal, private diary, the option of an audience and interaction is there

29 Jul, 13:46:49 PDT> sassymonkey: nichi...I'm not even sure I really understand a lot of it. I just know I like it. lol

29 Jul, 13:47:01 PDT> sassymonkey: And i've been blogging for almost two years

29 Jul, 13:47:57 PDT> e: i will give you a page to check out: Spanglemonkey has been chronicling a very personal, very important turn her life has taken, and her blog has become a very important part of it all.

29 Jul, 13:48:29 PDT> e: if you read back in the archives of blogs, you can get a feel for how it grows and grows into a thing of its own

29 Jul, 13:48:52 PDT> e: oh!

29 Jul, 13:48:58 PDT> sassymonkey: maybe we scared her!

29 Jul, 13:49:01 PDT> e: i hope it wasn't something i said!

29 Jul, 13:49:38 PDT> e: or maybe she just fell off, like i keep doing, and she'll come back

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:44:11.0 to 2006-07-29 13:46:28.0

29 Jul, 13:44:11 PDT> e: sassy and i, who don't even know each other and are in different countries, are thinking in tandem here :)

29 Jul, 13:44:37 PDT> sassymonkey: unlike message boards (in my opinion) it's a bit less exclusive. You can comment on someone's blog regularly but aren't necessarily obligated to comment on all the other commentors blogs.

29 Jul, 13:44:51 PDT> e: and the thing is, it's not a closed circle, anybody can stumble into your blog, they doing have to join anything

29 Jul, 13:45:07 PDT> sassymonkey: (as you can tell...we kinda like blogs, lol)

29 Jul, 13:45:18 PDT> e: (this is getting eerie)

29 Jul, 13:45:31 PDT> sassymonkey: *but* i still think that both message boards and chat rooms can be really useful.

29 Jul, 13:45:45 PDT> e: this chat room, for instance

29 Jul, 13:45:45 PDT> nichi: When I checked out Blogger last year I thought it would be a good way to cronicle my stop smoking attempt. It turned into a diary which I'd rather keep in a real book.

29 Jul, 13:46:03 PDT> e: a good percentage of blogs are diaries

29 Jul, 13:46:28 PDT> nichi: Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm FEELING the excitement and i wanna go for the ride. Just don't think I'm understanding it all the way.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:41:59.0 to 2006-07-29 13:43:46.0

29 Jul, 13:41:59 PDT> e: oh, it's completely different!

29 Jul, 13:42:11 PDT> sassymonkey: i don't think it's so much an overall advantage. i think that different things work for different people.

29 Jul, 13:42:20 PDT> e: blogs can create communities within communitites in so many other ways

29 Jul, 13:42:39 PDT> e: you have a bigger space in which to play, for one

29 Jul, 13:42:41 PDT> sassymonkey: eg. i have an online friend i've know for years on a message board. last year she started a blog and i got to really hear her voice. and I learned a LOT more about her

29 Jul, 13:42:59 PDT> nichi: That's where I'm not seeing it. The comm in comm. I'm seeing blogs as linear. What am I not seeing?

29 Jul, 13:43:13 PDT> e: i'm not sure what you mean

29 Jul, 13:43:14 PDT> sassymonkey: a lot of the community of blogs comes from comments

29 Jul, 13:43:38 PDT> sassymonkey: different people comments on different blogs and then those peple blog on their blogs and it just extends outward

29 Jul, 13:43:46 PDT> e: yes, i would say about 95%, and the commeners have their own blogs, and a community can develop around that

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:41:59.0 to 2006-07-29 13:43:14.0

29 Jul, 13:41:59 PDT> e: oh, it's completely different!

29 Jul, 13:42:11 PDT> sassymonkey: i don't think it's so much an overall advantage. i think that different things work for different people.

29 Jul, 13:42:20 PDT> e: blogs can create communities within communitites in so many other ways

29 Jul, 13:42:39 PDT> e: you have a bigger space in which to play, for one

29 Jul, 13:42:41 PDT> sassymonkey: eg. i have an online friend i've know for years on a message board. last year she started a blog and i got to really hear her voice. and I learned a LOT more about her

29 Jul, 13:42:59 PDT> nichi: That's where I'm not seeing it. The comm in comm. I'm seeing blogs as linear. What am I not seeing?

29 Jul, 13:43:13 PDT> e: i'm not sure what you mean

29 Jul, 13:43:14 PDT> sassymonkey: a lot of the community of blogs comes from comments

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:39:29.0 to 2006-07-29 13:41:47.0

29 Jul, 13:39:29 PDT> nichi: Sorry. keyboard. Still don't see my name, but at least you do.

29 Jul, 13:39:43 PDT> sassymonkey: i see your name. :)

29 Jul, 13:39:59 PDT> sassymonkey: if you have the window set to the large size you won't see any names though.

29 Jul, 13:40:07 PDT> e: i see you both in the chat here and over on the side right under sassy

29 Jul, 13:40:30 PDT> nichi: Ok, this is the conference, right? I just found this site this morning, so I'm a bit overwhelmed and working on my crap PC labtop with bad keyboard doesn't help.

29 Jul, 13:40:44 PDT> e: this is the chat room for blogher

29 Jul, 13:40:55 PDT> sassymonkey: Yes nichi although at the moment I don't think anyone is here who is actually on-site

29 Jul, 13:40:56 PDT> e: nobody here right now actually AT blogHer, though

29 Jul, 13:41:41 PDT> e: we had somebody transcribing live from the last session, but that person is actually IN this session, so we're outta luck

29 Jul, 13:41:47 PDT> nichi: So, I'm not sold on blogs yet. I'm not sure where the advantage is over a discussion/forum board.

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:37:33.0 to 2006-07-29 13:39:24.0

29 Jul, 13:37:33 PDT> e: i've been teaching art part time now, so i'm not exactly out of work, ust only half-emoloyed for the past 7 months

29 Jul, 13:37:36 PDT> gabber166: Hi, just checking if I'm really in. I don't see my name on the side yet.

29 Jul, 13:37:46 PDT> e: hi, gabber 166

29 Jul, 13:38:03 PDT> sassymonkey: hi gabber

29 Jul, 13:38:03 PDT> e: you need to change in the little window there where it says gabber 166 to you

29 Jul, 13:38:51 PDT> sassymonkey: hi nichi!

29 Jul, 13:38:55 PDT> e: ah, hi, nichi!

29 Jul, 13:39:06 PDT> nichi: Great! Hi. Still don'

29 Jul, 13:39:13 PDT> e: lotsa joiners, maybe they announced us again!

29 Jul, 13:39:24 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. Maybe!

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:36:20.0 to 2006-07-29 13:37:14.0

29 Jul, 13:36:20 PDT> sassymonkey: yes, I make canuck bucks. :)

29 Jul, 13:36:31 PDT> e: and, being in florida, imake no bucks :(

29 Jul, 13:36:32 PDT> sassymonkey: the conversion rate can be unfriendly sometimes

29 Jul, 13:36:42 PDT> sassymonkey: That was me before I changed jobs.

29 Jul, 13:36:52 PDT> e: changing jobs is why i make no bucks

29 Jul, 13:36:56 PDT> e: still rying to get hured

29 Jul, 13:36:59 PDT> e: hired

29 Jul, 13:37:03 PDT> e: it won't involve typing

29 Jul, 13:37:06 PDT> sassymonkey: I was out of work for almost 6 months.

29 Jul, 13:37:14 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle. not going to be a stenographer?

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:33:38.0 to 2006-07-29 13:36:15.0

29 Jul, 13:33:38 PDT> e: that was fun, before

29 Jul, 13:33:39 PDT> sassymonkey: it seems that way

29 Jul, 13:33:59 PDT> e: more fun the doing and crossposting than what was actually being said, you know?

29 Jul, 13:34:19 PDT> sassymonkey: Yes, I agree. I'm going to try really hard to get there next year

29 Jul, 13:34:56 PDT> e: i dunno, i'm really like the seeing folks, but the content and the $:value...

29 Jul, 13:35:34 PDT> e: it's seems, from out here to have grown really heavy on the marketing and less so on developing content--but then maye that's just from out here

29 Jul, 13:35:35 PDT> sassymonkey: I know. I couldn't do it this year.

29 Jul, 13:36:06 PDT> e: i dont' konw that i could do it any year, not making northern california money

29 Jul, 13:36:07 PDT> sassymonkey: I think that right now we're not getting a lot of the actual content from the sessions. Partly due to the connection issues at the hotel.

29 Jul, 13:36:15 PDT> e: yeah, that's so

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:31:24.0 to 2006-07-29 13:33:25.0

29 Jul, 13:31:24 PDT> e: see? MY typos, mine!

29 Jul, 13:31:31 PDT> sassymonkey: giggle.

29 Jul, 13:31:36 PDT> e: i own them all

29 Jul, 13:31:41 PDT> sassymonkey: ok. but all misuse of punctuation is MINE

29 Jul, 13:31:49 PDT> e: what's next, you know?

29 Jul, 13:32:01 PDT> e: i guess i could go look at the sched

29 Jul, 13:32:20 PDT> e: grace's panel is now (and denise's) so i guess nobody's livechatting....:(

29 Jul, 13:32:22 PDT> sassymonkey: there's a bunch of sessions coming up. I know Denise is in one. there's a session with susie bright as well

29 Jul, 13:33:14 PDT> sassymonkey: oh dooce is on now too

29 Jul, 13:33:25 PDT> e: so everybody is listening and nobody chatting

Transcript from 2006-07-29 13:29:54.0 to 2006-07-29 13:31:17.0

29 Jul, 13:29:54 PDT> e: only me, i think

29 Jul, 13:29:58 PDT> sassymonkey: oh yay. i've started with the typos!

29 Jul, 13:30:05 PDT> e: and i'm surfing off elsewhere util it bleeps at me

29 Jul, 13:30:15 PDT> e: hey, those are MY typos :)

29 Jul, 13:30:29 PDT> sassymonkey: lol. i had this open for an hour this morning and was doing something else and couldn't figure out what the bleeping was...

29 Jul, 13:30:40 PDT> e: i'm no two chats actually

29 Jul, 13:30:53 PDT> e: scrine is doing scrineathon, but its chat doesn't bleep

29 Jul, 13:31:04 PDT> e: that should be in two chats, not no

29 Jul, 13:31:05 PDT> sassymonkey: ah ok

29 Jul, 13:31:17 PDT> sassymonkey: it took a second but I figured it out